‘Together with Victoria, a girl he has just met, he will start a fight of unexpected proportions. Their fate will be inexorably linked to the Resistance, a small group fighting for the freedom of a world called Idhún. Will he be able to restore the lost peace?’

idhun chronicles victoria character

Book: The Idhún Chronicles (Memorias de Idhún)

Main Character: Yes

Powers: Yes

Author of the Book: Laura Gallego

Hello there, dearies!

I had decided not to do one on Victoria from The Idhún Chronicles, but then I saw that this question existed: in the books the idhun chronicles is victoria in love with jack.

No, I’m not one to give spoilers at all, but I feel like I have to answer some doubts since I am basically an encyclopedia about Idhún. I do not get tired of talking about these books, thinking about what happened in them or re-reading them, and I have lost count of the times that I had picked up one of these books, opened it to any page and read from there.

Now, from here on out there are spoilers. Don’t get your hopes up as I am not going to give the plot to the books or the ending here, but I will talk about some major things that happen, so if you haven’t watched the show on Netflix or read any of the books, and you don’t want to see any spoilers, you should stop here and now that Victoria is a cool character.

Spoilers ahead, please read on at your own conscience. 🔍

spoilers alert

Okay, so you’re on this side, you must want to know.

Victoria in the Books

In the books, yes, Victoria is indeed attracted to Jack and eventually falls for him. I hope that answers that question, which I don’t know why it exists. It’s made quite clear on the first part of the show, that you can watch on Netflix, and on the comics available.

And yes, she is also very much attracted to Kirtash, the other character in the book, think of it as The Infernal Devices and Tessa, and if you don’t know about those books or that character, then you really should read them because they’re great.

As for Victoria, we meet her as a young teenage girl that is running from someone trying to kill her, and she’s trying to learn how to control her magic but can only heal.

Later on, we discover that she’s a shapeshifter, just like the other main characters in the book. If I started rambling more about this, I would give the whole book away, which are now being translated to English, and if you ever want to know read a great one, I recommend this trilogy 100%, the books are now divided into six parts but when they were first published it was a trilogy, and that’s how I became obsessed with the story.

idhun baculo ayshel

Victoria, right, on book 2, she becomes a badass, and for the second half of the first book forward too, now that I think about it, she learns to defend herself, and it’s not a complete wuss. She is fierce in protecting those she loves and unforgiven with those who hurt the ones she cares about, including her own loves. Was that too much? I did warn you about spoilers.

In any case, the story of Idhún takes us to a world where there are 3 Suns and 3 Moons, a world of magic far away from Earth, and where one can dream of being in, like, if Idhun existed, I’d go there, no questions asked. My eyes closed, take me, drop me over there in any part of the map and I’d fine with it.

victoria cover idhun chronicles

Well, I hope I answered some of your doubts about how cool Victoria is, and whether she loves Jack or not. And I hope that if you haven’t read the books that you might feel inclined to do so now because it’s worth it. I’ll leave a link to the now English version of the book.

Thank you for reading, dearies! And remember to share, like, or follow the blog. I’d greatly appreciate any of it.

Happy reading! 🐲


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