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Fireblade Array ebook

The never-ending list of To-be-read books continue. Now, I bring some more fantasy that I recently saw and added to my own list, and well, I wanted to share with you, readers. I expanded to 10 from my regular 7 Ebooks lists because there were…

10 Fantasy EBooks for our TBR list


From Netflix directly to us Genre: Romantic-fantasy I cannot say how this one is going to turn out but I’ll try my best to not give out much of the story, so mild-spoilers ahead.

The King: Eternal Monarch (Special)

what about midnight sun

New book by Stephenie Meyer Alternative to Twilight  Twilight from Edward’s POV So, are we reading it or not? Hello, readers! Are you excited about Midnight Sun? I think it would be cool to finally see this side of the story, back when the Twilight…

Midnight Sun: Excitement or not?


Author: Cassandra Clare Series: The Last Hours Some Families: Herondale, Carstairs, Lightwood, Fairchild, Blackthorn There is so much to say, and I better give it to you straight and without delay, this is mostly my thoughts while reading, inmeditely after, or right in the middle…

Chain of Gold

sleeping beauty sexy ebook

Okay, readers! Hello again! Here we go once more, I have searched for other 7 Ebooks that are either free at the moment or cost less than a dollar, and considering how bored we all are during quarantine, forced, voluntary or whatever, then we know…

Other 7 EBooks for Under a Dollar or Free




Book: Ghosts of the Shadow Market Authors: Cassie Clare  Genre: Pain, YA, more sorrow Some of these reviews are way quicker than others, not only because they are short stories but also because I was not entirely stopping on all of them to jot down…

Ghosts of the Shadow Market: The Lost World

the land i lost book review

Book: Ghosts of the Shadow Market Series: Shadowhunters. Shadow World Authors: Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan Is going to be short, but I wanted to relay just how amazingly good it was, that even after reading all the Shadow World books there is still room…

Ghosts of the Shadow Market: The Land I Lost


Well, I never thought I would do one about Simon, that’s for sure. World: Shadowhunters Solo books: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy Sorry about this but there will be Spoilers about Simon’s life if you only know his story from The Mortal Instruments.

Simon Lewis

Hello, everyone! Since we are all at home or at least should be, and probably the boredom will soon turn into a need to buy compulsively (it has happened in the past), I thought you might want to check some of the Smashwords books that…

7 EBooks for Under a Dollar or Free