A Song Of Ice and Fire

A Song Of Ice and Fire (George R. R. Martin) has to have its own page because it’s That Awesome, so yes I created a page for it alone, also because my thoughts on the books are too many.

Do not read if you haven’t read any of the books. It may contain some Spoiler.

Where to begin? Danny? Tyrion? Jon? Arya? Arianne? A…? I can’t give much spoiler maybe because I hate them; they take the fun out of reading. I love Danny one of my favourite female characters in the world of books, the perfect example that young heroines in their teens do not have to have mindless thoughts, Daenerys Targaryen is in her early teen years and has accomplished more than Cersei Lannister. Yes I know that not all books are the same and not all characters are related still you can’t help but compare the way Dany handles her life to how Clary Fray (TMI), Katy Swartz (Lux), Bella Swan (Twilight) handle theirs (Examples), I am not going to get into that again.

Back to the point, A Song of Ice and Fire has one big thing that would make anyone read the book, it has Dragons *Happy Smile* I love them yes, dragons are awesome and anyone who says otherwise is entitled to their opinion (PD:  I respect your wrong opinion).

The other good thing about these books is the Direwolves which are more faithful than regular wolves, pretty cool.

Tyrion Lannister, I believe people started loving him (the ones that became fans because of the series) because we picture Peter Dinklage when we are reading I know I do, if you must know yes I read all the books after seeing the first season, I was hooked the 1st season of the series was very faithful to the book after that I read them all, my favourites being A Storm of Swords and A Dance with Dragons and of course every Dany’s POV in all the books (except for A Feast for Crows) every single time there is chapter of Daenerys point of view the world becomes better, too much? I am in love with that character and I do not care. Is the first saga where I like more a female character than a male one, of course in some chapters of A Dance of Dragons a character appeared that I fell for the minute he entered the scene, love at first sight. Continuing with the Lannisters, there is Jaime who grew in my heart little by little, at first he was a tool, later on, he gained a place in my list of characters :). Cersei Lannister the last sister of the Lannister is a crazy woman, she lost it in A Feast of Crows that is all I have to say.

The Starks… winter is coming. 


Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Bran Stark.

This is hard, how to write about them without saying anything too far out? Notice only four Starks? Well, the rest would have to wait.

I love Robb, he is cute and all, red-headed, adorable and faithful. By now I assume everyone knows about Robb but still if you don’t…

*Real SPOILER ALERT. Skip this if you don’t want to know.*


… So, what happened to Robb was tragic and I’ll not forgive Martin for it, never in my life, I was in denial for at least 3 chapters after that, searching and hoping for it to be some kind of Bad joke, then the book was over and I was still crying my eyes out. But in any case let’s carry on with the rest of the characters, those who are still alive.


NOW you can read normally…

Arya Stark, by far one of my favourite characters even if she is a child almost an adolescent girl, I believe she is the best Stark, as in she’s awesome. I’m still waiting for her to run into someone really great or start making her way to Winterfell and all, but I’m quite sure that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Bran, what should I say about Bran? *laughing* I have a hate-love relationship with everything that happens to Bran in the books, Martin is a genius yes, but he is an evil genius.

Sansa. Many hate Sansa’s guts, I don’t. I don’t know why, even when she has her moments of a teenage girl (which she is), later on in the books I grew fond of her, she pulled it off and went on with her life, and even though her life sucked she was still there, alive and kicking, and as far we know she was not married to anyone holding the north, that was someone else in the books, unlike the TV show.

 Fire and Blood… 

Daenerys_Targaryen and dragons art

This one was supposed to be posted a long time ago, but I read and wrote many other things during this time. But here we are!

Once more. There is a mix of facts from the show and the books on the next line, so I suggest that you know everything from the books and the TV show before reading on.


You know where I am going with the Fire and Blood, you know is our beloved Dany! Her house, the Targaryen’s, are old and they believe in these words because of… Dragons! Of course, among other things. I love this family more than any other because of the dragons and Daenerys is one of my favourite characters, plus she has three freaking dragons which she brought to life herself, awesome.

We never met Rhaegar Targaryen, Dany’s oldest brother, he seemed to be one of the best characters in the books, we know that he was in love with Lyanna Stark, and she probably was his second wife (or just his mistress), since the T’s believe in marrying in triple because the “Dragon has three heads”. Viserys Targaryen, who was heir to the Throne after Rhaegar’s children were murdered, did not have much of the blood of Dragons and quite honestly he was a bit crazy, the craziness that apparently afflicts all Targaryens.

danza dragones espanol

Dany had a niece (Rhaenys) and still has two nephews (you know where I am going with this), two of these children were of Rhaegar and Elia Martell, the youngest babe, the boy, survived the sack of King’s Landing by the Lannister’s when the Mad King died, and Aegon VI was saved by our very own Lord Varys (This is all actually in the book and if George fooled us than he is crueller than we believed).

The other nephew seems to be Jon Snow, who is actually Jon Targaryen Stark, (Ice and Fire?) everyone saw it coming. apparently, when I read the books, I did not quite make this connection because the clues were not that obvious, no matter what anyone says, just the memory of Ned about Lyanna telling him to “Promise her”, how are we to affirm anything with that? But in the TV Show, it was confirmed, even if we wanted to know or not.

Queen Daenerys I Targaryen

Because book 6 is not here, and we are not reading it anytime soon. We only have the show as a source of information and the snippets that the author has given us, it would be nicer to read a book though.

Let us end it here for the moment since House Targaryen is not that extensive at the present time, and only we know for sure that Dany will be going to Westeros at some point in her life and that she has dragons to take what it is hers. Aegon’s lineage would be questioned, and Jon’s is still unknown in the books so like I said, we only have the show. At the least for now.

Fire and Blod, and House of the Dragon, don’t really count as they’re prequels.

Next up is House Lannister, will update later.


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