The Infernal Devices: Review and Thoughts

Author: Cassandra Clare

I’ll try to make this quick…

I tend to say that but considering that I have to talk about Jem, Will and Tessa that might not be entirely true this time… oh! And Gideon as well as Gabriel and Cecily but the latter two will not be that much in my ramblings.

What to say that has not been said before? I know, lots of things! Because never in my wildest dreams (cue in Taylor Swift’s song in the background if you want) would have I imagined that Cassandra could surprise me or make me love even more characters from the Shadow World, Jem is almost certainly perfect, Tess can be a little bit annoying but by book 3 you wanted to be like her or have her luck, that was when you were not crying over the events in that book, as for Will Herondale… what can I say? You might have thought he was just like Jace but in the end he really wasn’t, not entirely.

But that is enough for the overview, I will give you a bit of what I thought as I was reading Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess, since Clockwork Angel is pretty much done in that link you just overlooked. I do not think that there is much spoilers here but if you are like me and do not like to know a thing a book before reading it, then do not continue, just know this: They Are Great.


Clockwork Prince

This was written when I was reading CP, about the middle of this book I stopped to say this:

She has done it, halfway through Clockwork Prince, Cassandra made me say: oh, Will. You poor thing.

I thought it was stupid of him but I understood his reasons for being so spiteful, mean and a playboy. But suddenly it was there, that affection which I was giving fully to Jem. Darn it, I liked them both.

Finishing CP and realizing that it was not surprising to see Cecily there At all, that Tessa sounded as if she was trying to convince herself that she loved Jem when we knew she loved both Will and Jem. And realizing that there is another book to go before it all ends, and that the story was just starting even though it was only the second part. Also, I love James, I love Will and wished all along that Tessa would just tell them both her feelings because goodness it was annoying to be so torn.

There was no surprise with Will’s curse, I knew that it would end up all being a ruse by the demon; still the poor thing did lose 5 years of his life.

As for Gideon Lightwood I felt utterly for him in a less passionate way but all the same found him so cute and adorable; and that moment with Henry and Lottie was just too darn cute. The little new moments and stories really made this book so much better. With all of that say, I don’t think there is much to add, other than that this one definitely made me go for the final part of the Trilogy like nothing before, because Jem was surely dying but there was no cure yet, Cecily had arrived and Tessa loved Will and Jem at the same time.

Clockwork Princess Book

Clockwork Princess

Touched by the Angel, the Herondales are.

‘As she moved away, the clockwork angel slipped free and she saw to her surprise that where it had lain against his skin it had left a mark behind, no bigger than a shilling, in the shape of a pale white star.’

Cassandra Clare knows how to tie loose ends. I loved this bit of the book and when I read this part, I went all wide-eyed and nearly freaked in excitement, and then muttered: Wow! That was freaking great.


Now, I dare anyone who loves, knows and likes the Shadow World from City of Bones to City of Heavenly Fire to not cry with Clockwork Princess, I cannot remember the last time I cried unwillingly at every turn with a book, perhaps it was Where she went, and before that maybe Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and then I read C. Princess and it was a freaking waterfall every time Jem say something, Tessa thought or said something, or when Will stared to think something sorrowful. Goodness!  I felt like a needed a tissue box next to me to read the whole thing, and then the end of the book was coming and I didn’t want it to end, because I knew what was coming, and Jem would not be part of the future, but I wanted to know how Will and Tess would end up together and all of that.

Credits in photo
Credits in photo

So many emotions! Do I recommend this Trilogy? Yes! Anyone who is unsure about Shadowhunters and the 6 Books in The Mortal Instruments that start your obsession, alright, my particular obsession, then if you are on the fence, you can start with The Infernal Devices, continue with TMI and dive into the waters of L.A. with The Dark Artifices, which is the next “review” on the agenda.

Will and Tess

I couldn’t talk about just one thing, sorry it was so general but these books are really self-explanatory and if you read them, you will know what I am talking about. Everything will make sense.

Thank you for sticking to the end, and I hope you come back for more.

“Of course you can have a true Shadowhunter name,” Will said. “You can have mine.”

From Clockwork Princess

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