Chain of Gold

“There is no better distraction in this world than losing oneself in books for awhile.”


Author: Cassandra Clare

Series: The Last Hours

Some Families: Herondale, Carstairs, Lightwood, Fairchild, Blackthorn

There is so much to say, and I better give it to you straight and without delay, this is mostly my thoughts while reading, immediately after, or right in the middle of things, so pardon my scattered ramblings, but it had to be like this.

Sorry, do I have to warn about Spoilers? Because despite my policy of not spoiling a book ever, I cannot write this one without saying what I thought in the moment, so, yes: Spoilers ahead, like do not even glance at this if you haven’t read the book. In the name of Raziel, I have warned you. Only know this, it was a good book and I recommend it.


Chapters and Pages

Pg 245

Crazy bi**. Grace.
If I change my mind about her, well…

Pg 264

Why are you always killing Lightwoods? You breed them for slaughter or something? Too many Lightwood girls and boys in the world?

Pg 270-271

Had to stop for this one. Of all the people. Charles?? I already knew about Alastair but wow.

Pg 292

I’m in love with Matthew. Decided. Defined

Pg 352

What in the name? Lucie, Math, no? Yes?

Pg 353

In come Tessa and Will and we are transported back in time. The love.

Pg 565

Who wouldn’t be happy to be dancing with Will Freaking Herondale?

Pg 571-572

Oh no. Oh holy sh** no. Math said all, and Thomas broke. And now Alastair is devastated. Oh no.

Pg 575

Oh Mathew no, no no no.

After reading Ch 22

I had to just stop, even when the book is almost over because: come on! Are you for real? I am immensely annoyed, flabbergasted, I had a wtf face the whole time, and tapping the side of the book with the bookmark, I had to write this down while my annoyance is fresh, I know the reasons, I understand it all, I can see far ahead now that Jamie has that blasted chain on again, but seriously? It is so frustrating seeing him being so enchanted when it is not freaking true, even if does not end up with Cordelia in the end, Grace should decide already and man up, I had Magnus and James’ story from The Bane Chronicles fresh in my mind the entirety of the book, only to discover that they gave it as little meaning as possible here, they dismissed it as being something that Grace did because she was scared or whatever when we saw how she was something else on that short story, The Midnight Heir, you should read it if you have not. I know there are other books to come but for real, the endings of this book are just making my blood boil.


The End of the Book

Before I go into the bonus story, I have to say this, while it is still fresh: BY THE ANGEL!

That was a good story, the last few chapters made my heart ache in a way that has not happened in a long long while, I loved Queen of Air and Darkness, I cried with it, I laughed, I had a blast but the feelings with Chain of Gold were so different than that, most of it at the end, which does not mean that the rest of the book did not captivate, from the beginning I was drawn, I was sucked into the story not only because of the rare glimpses of Will, Tessa and Jem; Jamie, Luce, Cordelia and Math, along with Kit (the new Kit of our hearts), Tom and Anna were fast on growing on me, then came Alastair to gain a piece of it all, and of course, Jesse, who I infinitely could not have ignored, from the moment I knew who he really was, I was stuck and drawn to him, I have a soft spot for his family and cannot help myself when it comes to the Blackthorns.

The whole thing is too good to be true, given I am/was appalled by the end of it and enraged, because this woman really has a thing for tragic love and painful triangles, squares and pentagons of love, nothing like it anywhere else, truly. I do look for the romance of things, it makes it all more heartbreakingly amazing, but of course, the rest of it all was wow, I mean that Epilogue was not surprising and at the same time a total, surprise, we already knew that Tatiana was demented but to have such deals with a Prince of Hell, oh man, the next stories on this new series are just going to blow our minds even more so than they did on this first book, and remember that, my lovely readers, this is just the beginning.


Bonus Story

Because there is nothing like reading about Will And Tessa. Serious their love is beyond belief and what I love the most about Cassie’s writing is this, none of the stories are completely alike. You come out of reading about James and Lucie, and yet it does not feel the same, you go back in time to young Tessa and Will and it The Infernal Devices all over again, the feelings you had before are back ten-times-fold and that is what great writing is about, nothing like having your main characters be that and be their own voice and completely utterly simply their own, I loved that Wedding Story, it was perfect. And painful because why not? I almost cried when Jem was mentioned.

I knew it was going to be long, but there you have it, this is what happened while I read Chain of Gold, and it was so worth it. I do recommend reading at least Ghosts of the Shadow Market and The Infernal Devices before this, because you are just going to enjoy it all so much more. This is it, we have reached the end, I’ll leave you some external links.

James Herondale art

For readers

Thank you for reading, lovelies. I hope you enjoyed and if you are feeling like commenting or sharing, it is always appreciated. Also, find me on social media on the right.

Stay safe and happy reading!


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