Midnight Sun: Excitement or not?

what about midnight sun

New book by Stephenie Meyer

Alternative to Twilight 

Twilight from Edward’s POV

So, are we reading it or not?

Hello, readers! Are you excited about Midnight Sun? I think it would be cool to finally see this side of the story, back when the Twilight Saga was over we have a sneak peek into Edward’s POV and back then, it was awesome and I loved it, but what happened?

I was reading up a bit and refreshing my memory on this topic because it’s been so long. We know it was leaked, a draft of what Meyer planned for Bella and Edward, and she got so upset about the whole thing, that she decided to put on hold the book and the story, and everything related to it.

It was not the readers fault that this happened though.

midnight sun book twilight

In 2015, it seemed there was talk of it again, but with Christian Grey making everyone go wild, and apparently the story from his POV being released, Twilight’s author decided to yet again, hold of Midnight Sun, which it could have been for her, right? A story that was originally a fanfic for Twilight, and you go and release your own original one from the male protagonist POV as well, too much competition between the two? Either way, she decided against publishing and Edward was pushed back to the sidelines once more.

And well, that was that, no more talk of it, I confess I had no idea this had happened in 2015, but I was occupied with other awesome books so, cannot complain. However, recently it was announced at last, and it seems completely random, that Midnight Sun will be released this year, on August 4, 2020. Are you buying? I think I am because I did like the story, and Edward can be a bit moody and all, but it would be nice to go back to it. I think my level of excitement is medium to high, I have way too many books on hold and this one will be on the pile too, the thing it has going for it, is that I know the story and that will raise it up on the list of to be read.

What about you? You can already pre-order the book by the way, so that’s something. I will be doing just that as soon as I have the chance.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my ramblings on this one, and don’t forget to visit my social media if you have the time. 😀

More here: Mightnight Sun – Book.

Pre-order here: Midnight Sun – Stephenie Meyer

Update Sep 2020

Midnight Sun – Book Review


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