Ghosts of the Shadow Market: Learn About Loss

A short review but to the point. Another good story.

learn about loss shadowhunters

Book: Ghosts of the Shadow Market

Authors: Cassandra Clare & Kelly Link

This one is also super short, but it was a really good story too.

I don’t think there was one that I didn’t like in this compilation.

Warning. Spoilers for this one and for The Infernal Devices too.

Learn About Loss

Some Pages

Pg 145

The mirrors, the longing. What is the matter with this author? Does she love making us cry? Because I nearly did, my eyes were filling with tears.

Pg 146

Ew. The suit, gag, the suit of human skin.


By the Angel! This is even worst than reading about when Will died in Clockwork Princess, seriously, inside I was crying like a baby with that little vision, illusion, time in another world? Whatever it was that Belial did to make Jem and Will young and unafraid again, was beautifully terrible. You would think it is the happiest of things to see them as such before Will’s dead but come on, the sorrow afterwards? The longing for it to be true forever, or the happiness of having a nice last memory? Ugh. Not cool and yet, awesome. Cannot decide.

Truly, the stories on the Shadow World are too good to be true, every time I immerse myself in them, I end up, crying, laughing, cursing, and completely and utterly in love anew with the characters, they’re that good and interesting, and you can get this one here.

I know this one was incredibly short but I went to the point, and could not put into the words just how it was to read about Jem again. He’s one of the best characters in the saga. Thanks for sticking to the end, reader. Please share or like or follow, and do let me know if there is a book you’ll like to see here, maybe I read it before and forgot to review, or I will have something new for the never-ending list.

Happy reading!


Author: Sela O.

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