Queen of Air and Darkness

queen air darkness blackthorn

Author: Cassandra Clare

The Dark Artifices #3

Genre: YA, Supernatural, Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Crying, Throwing the book across the room

This is not going to be easy, and I do not think it is going to be really short.

Last night I finished Queen of Air and Darkness (QOAAD from now on), if I had read it in December when it came out it would have been the Best Read of 2018, alas, it was not, it is the Best Read of 2019 so far, and unless The Red Scrolls of Magic is something incredibly amazing and even more epic, it will stay the best book, because Cassie Clare did it again, she went a step forward, she makes you want to be inside the book, inside the Shadow World, be part of a family, be part of a world that you only know through words on paper, it was awesome.

Now, I will retail some of the thoughts I had while reading the book, since the whole time I would literally stop for a moment and write down a thought or a page or chapter, I did that until I was around 100 pages away from finishing the book, and then I just could not look away or stop for anything. If you have not read QOAAD then please stop here, go read the book it is great, go read all of the Shadow World books. There are spoilers ahead, I sincerely advise that you stop reading here. The book was amazing, that is what you need to know, from here on it is all for the fans, because you, Angels, will know exactly what I am talking about.

livvy watch

QOAAD by Moments

Page 96

The Spell. The darned spell Magnus put on our beloved Julian.

Page 101

None of us owe Every piece of our soul’s history to another.” Gwyn

Page 164

Julian is one manipulative beautiful and incredibly handsome, no emotions in him guy, I was going to insult him but I cannot.

Page 172

You may not yourself be luminous, but you are an extraordinary conductor of light.” Ty.

Still Kit ran like a girl. To another country!

Page 186

Well, considering destroying all parabatai bonds is a bit selfish, and extreme.

Page 191

The Red Scrolls. OmG!

Page 199

Lol. Mark.

First he makes you want to be inside the book and move Cristina aside, then he tells the funniest things.

Chapter 11

And you knew things were going to get interesting.

Page 223

‘A Julian without feelings was a Julian who could and would manipulate anyone.’ Yeap.

Pg 230

OMG OMG. Gwyn, please!

Pg 235

Me. Dying. Slowly. Oh dear lord. Kieran. Mark. Me. I mean Cristina.

Page 239

Jesus F-ing Christ, Ty

Ty breaks my heart and rebuilds it as well, he is so a lovable character. You want to protect him too.


The whole chapter.

Pages 288-291

If you read, you know exactly why those pages are incredibly important.

Page 301

The Queen is one crazy bi*** and a liar who even though cannot lie, she does. And the Unseelie King as well. And Annabel, ugh.

Also Ash is there, making appearances.

Page 303

Was I supposed to be surprised when he announced who Ash’s father was? I could had been more surprised if the little hints were not dropped since the beginning. But still, getting my suspicions confirmed was okay.

Pg 310

Kit lol.

I forgot my weapons. But I do have this fork.”

Page 327

Mark, Mark

Let us face the facts here, we wanted all of this to happen. Mark and Kieran. Kieran and Tina. Tina and Mark. It does not matter, love is love.

Pg 399

Heartbreaking. Crying again, because it was going to be difficult, even more than before. Livvy.

Page 409

Magnus and Alec. Thule version. Heartbreaking for the second time.

Pg 419

Onwards. Julian. My Julian.

You are in the cage.

Pg 556

What? I am sure I will understand later but what?

Side-note: They did explain about Annabel. Second version.

Pages 576 577 578

Oh my F-ing Lord. By the Angel. I am dying slowly. This was like wow. The sexy faerie threesome.

Do I need something else?

Pg 581

Somehow Mark has the best jokes, along with Kit that is (then again Kit is a Herondale so that is to be expected). But Mark can think some wild things that just cracks me every time.

Just go and read PG 581, you will thank me.

Pg 588

At least we know why there would another series about the Shadow World. Also we sighed in relief.

Pg 602

The pain. The longing. My Jules.

“I will always do what you ask me to do, Emma.”

Pg 657

The real  meeting is about to start.

Wtf???????? That one I did not see coming.

Pg 668

So, this is really why? Izzy is not that she cannot cook, is that she likes weird food. Weird combinations that is.

Pg 740

Wtf!??? They knew? They know Ragnor is alive?? Just like that? No explanations, nothing, just a fleeing thought.

Pg 744


Huh, guess what? ‘Kit is the child.’ Apparently.

Pg 783-785

Me, crying like a baby.

Pg 794

You’re no longer parabatai.” = Go F*…., I mean “Go be Together. Be happy”. And the book could have ended there with Jem wise words, but it did not of course. And he did not actually say that I know.

Alright that is for the in the moment thoughts, there was so much more in the middle of it, but there were times that I did not stop reading to record the thoughts.


Some Characters in QOAAD

  • The Blackthorns
  • Emma Carstairs
  • Clary Fairchild & Jace Herondale
  • Simon Lewis & Izzy Lightwood
  • Magnus Banes & Alec Lightwood (And family)
  • Kit Herondale
  • Kieran Kingson
  • Cristina Rosales
  • Diego & Jaime Rosales
  • Gwyn & Diana
  • Ragnor
  • Jem & Tessa
  • The Cohort
  • Helen & Aline
  • Annabel Blackthorn
  • Ash
  • Queen of the Seelie
  • King of the Unseelie (And Family)

Final Thoughts

This is what I thought once I turned the last page. Before reading the after, after story, which was a great touch.

Okay. I’m done. Now what?

  • Kit left, because he thinks Ty doesn’t care, though we know he does, don’t we?
  • Ty is going to the Scholomance with a ghost.
  • Emma and Jules are just to barfing in their couple-ly ways. I love him, yes but they were too intolerable as Emma herself said.
  • Kieran Mark Cristina were the stars of the story, I had been falling for them since a while back but on this one. Goosebumps.
  • Alec and Magnus made me cry. They were just too darn amazing, romantic and everything in between.
  • Jaime is going to wait for Dru to grow a couple of years. Don’t say you didn’t think about it, it is obvious he likes her but she is too young in age.
  • Jace continues to be Jace. Clary as well.
  • Just like Simon and Izzy are awesome.
  • Maryse the grandmother.
  • Gwyn and Diana, another amazing love story.
  • Jem and Tessa just make us recall Will, and also how perfect life can be after years and years of being apart. Perfect couple.
  • I do hope Adaon is more than a puppet in the Queen’s grasp.
  • Ash is back, because he had to, with a Jace that of course wants a Clary.

And so, the book ended. And there were too many open side-stories. Ash. The Queen. Kit. Ty. Alec is Consul. Jem and Tessa, who will continue to come back again and again, because there is no one like them in the books, they have been perfect since The Infernal Devices. Of course I am assuming that all of the little things will have a part to play in The Red Scrolls of Magic, there is no other way around it, Cassie cannot just leave it like that, we need more of the Blackthorns and Jem, and Tessa, and Kit. Clary and Thule Jace. Too many stories. This Author will continue to get our money for years to come, no doubt about it.

emma jules qoaad art

Thank you for sticking to the end, readers, I really do hope you read this one or will read it in the near future. And if you find that you want to read the book right now then I will leave the link for it next and a couple other links for your enjoyment.

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