Halloween Song Book Tag – ReTag?

A book tag? That’s right, I did one of this and maybe another one is coming too. Halloween Song Book Tag. Enjoy.

halloween book recommendations

Hello, dearies! As you might know from previous lists and posts, I don’t usually do this kind of post, but I thought that for Halloween I should try, though I don’t know how it will since when asked questions like these ones, I usually go blank and forget all the books I have ever read, lol, I know.

I’ll give it my best, so here we go. This tag was a tag from Riddhi at Whispering Stories, but the original was first seen on a video. That’s enough rambling, starting for real now.

1. Thriller: A book that was an absolute page-turner

So many but I’m going to go with Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare.

Queen of Air and Darkness

Because I couldn’t stop reading it, I thought about it even when I was working my mundane job.

2. Somebody’s Watching Me: A book that gave you the serious creeps

I would say Interview with the Vampire, I liked it, but it had some moments of creeps.
Tough one since I’m not into thrillers or suspense books, though I did write a short story in that genre.

3. Vampire: A book you hated so much it was soul-sucking

I would not say that I hated it, but I didn’t enjoy it in the end. The whole Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman Trilogy.


It was a big disappointment. 

4. I Put a Spell on You: A book featuring witchcraft or magic

Harry Potter?

hp philosopers stone

I mean there is also the Memorias de Idhún trilogy, The Infernal Devices trilogy too, but those have magic in a is-there kind of way, but those are all great ones. 

5. This is Halloween: Your favourite treat/ snack to eat while reading

I guess Pringles or any chip, though I don’t usually snack when I read. 

6. Time Warp: “Let’s do the time warp again” What book/ or books do you like to return to at this time of year?

The Origin and Luxen Series, more because this time of year there is usually a new book from Jennifer Armentrout.

darkest star pages

I don’t know what my life will be in the upcoming years when she stops and focuses on other books.

7. Hungry Like the Wolf: A book you loved so much, you devoured

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices 2) Cassandra Clare and lately, Cress (The Lunar Chronicles) by Marissa Meyer. I was so into the stories of these books that I was shocked to leave them and face the real world.

julian lord shadows shadowhunters

Oh! And Triad (Idhun Chronicles), and a couple of others.

8. The Addams Family: A book featuring a dysfunctional family

Take me Tomorrow, maybe, this book is by Shannon Thompson, and it was actually the first to come to mind more because of the plot of it, and how the characters are a little broken. I don’t know much about dysfunctional families so sorry, I cannot think beyond here. 

9. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps): A book genre that you are scared or intimidated to pick up

Horror, Thriller, I know then why am I doing this tag, right? But hey, it does not mean that I won’t read them ever, I’m just too much of an over-thinker, and my imagination fixes on little horrific details and likes to play them for me at night. Though I do enjoy watching thrillers, so I’m a big contradiction. 

10. The Twilight Zone: A book with a completely different and unique premise

The Drakon Series, perhaps, I haven’t read a book like those before I found them and they are my absolute favourite; actually, any by that author, Shana Abe, has a good plot and awesome characters.

And that’s it, guys. Thanks for sticking to the end and we match on some titles then great, and if you haven’t read many of those I named, you can always find the review for them, here on the blog.

Happy reading and happy Halloween!

(BTW, I loathe the WP block editor, is difficult to work on and it seems Grammarly doesn’t work in it, do you guys know how to set up the old editor? I’ll look for a tutorial maybe because I haven’t found how to disable it if it’s possible).


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