HP and The Chamber of Secrets

Continuing our journey through the magical world of Harry Potter, now, one of my favs, The Chamber of Secrets, not my all-time favourite but pretty close.

hp chamber secrets review

Saga: Harry Potter

Author: JK Rowling

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Wizards

Continuing our journey through the magical world of Harry Potter, now, one of my favs, The Chamber of Secrets, not my all-time favourite but pretty close. For part one of this, you can read my ramblings on HP and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Chamber of Secrets is one of the books I appreciate being a second good book, not many manage that, sometimes the second statements are either boring or slow or plain crazy, and other times like with Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles 2) or The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings), you, just get a winner or Where She Went, none of these books has absolutely anything to do with each other, but they are all seconds and good ones, The Subtle Knife too from His Dark Materials. To the point, I know.

Let us visit the world inside of the Harry Potter saga.

The Burrow

In book two, we get to see how wizard families live and are, or at least one particular family, The Weasleys, what will become a great family to be part of, they are pure-blood, a term we learn in this book, as it is mudblood, the term for those born of non-magical families and a dimming term that stuck-up families use like the Malfoys.

We go to The Burrow, the residence of Harry’s friend Ron, and we have a blast there, learning that Mr Weasley is an odd-one and very interested in muggles and their artefacts. After this, we go to Hogwarts of course.

I’m doing in it again, I know. Jumping through the book and giving minor spoilers to those that have no idea what I’m talking about, but I assume at this point that you all know about HP, so I’m just going to go with it.


2nd Year Hogwarts

Being back at Hogwarts was the thing, this is what we longed for, and it didn’t disappoint because now there was a new threat to be afraid of, inside the castle. ‘The Chambers of Secrets has been opened enemies of the heir… beware‘ And we were further hooked into the story. What a great year.

Discovering that Harry speaking to snakes was not a common thing and that Voldemort also did was not that shocking, but it made the puzzle more complete. Now, we never believed that Malfoy was the heir of Slytherin because that was just too out there, but it was fun to sneak around and create the polyjuice potion.

Now, knowing that Ginny was the one who did everything, that, that was great. I’m sure that I am skipping some few moments, but I have a little of a block. However, after the chamber of secrets, and how we started freeing house-elves, we were ready for a new year full of excitement, one of my favourites is up ahead.

chamber secrets harry potter

Don’t miss part 3 of this, The Prisoner of Azkaban, and how it all began to make even more sense. 

Thanks for reading this one, dearies. And if you stayed to the very end, I’m very grateful. You can also find me on social media as EachPage or SelaOrdaz. 

Happy Reading!


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