7 Horror, Mystery Books that could be interesting

I’m not a big fan of mystery, horror, and that sort of books but there are a few that could persuade me to read them, and I wanted to share them here, given, most would because I have seen a movie related to it and I already know more or less what it would be like.

horror mystery books

Hello, dearies! As many of you might have noticed, I’m not a big fan of mystery, horror, and that sort of books but there are a few that could persuade me to read them, and I wanted to share them here, given, most would because I have seen a movie related to it and I already know more or less what it would be like.

Yes, Stephen King is going to be on this list because. who else could put the creeps on you through a book, right? 👻📚

Let’s begin.

The Shining

Now, I know what you’re thinking, this is cliché and over the top but you might find that all these titles would be similar, and even when they may be considered incredible and all, I haven’t found the need to read this one, I’m curious and maybe I will, but so far, it’s still a mystery to me.

the shining stephen king book


Because wow, a girl who can supposedly do things with her mind but then it’s treated terribly, and let’s face it goes a little crazy, that just got to be a well-written story in paper, I watched the movie, of course, old version and new, and yet, the book? The possibility is there.

carrie book cover alternative

Bird Box

This one, I definitely want to read but knowing that according to reviews and descriptions, it does not really reveal the main scary factor of it all, if it really does not explain or does not give the reader the option of guessing what it could be, that, was what made me stop and think, and say: do I want to read it? I still feel the curiosity, and from this list, it might be one of the few, that I could actually read this year and know I won’t be scared half the night.

bird box netflix book


I never believed that Dracula could be all that scary to read, but it is among the most horror-filled books if you look for it, I suppose it depends on your perception of what horror or scary is, this is one that’s on the list because of what it entails not because of it scary factor per se. It’s a classic, and I have always wanted to read it, but again, I’m more of a fantasy girl, and those books come first.

Get Bram Stoker’s Dracula

bram stoker dracula


Never thought this one would be on my list, and I haven’t watched the TV Show is it? Or mini-series, I don’t know, I haven’t watched it though, but I thought it could be nice to have the option of it, it certainly has some appeal.

joe hill nos4a2


I know that Frankenstein might be another one not considered entirely terrifying, though I am aware of how it came to be, I did watch Mary Shelley, but it’s still one of those books, that I kind of know I could enjoy in some way, even if it a mystery, sort of creepy book, and again, a classic in its own way, but every time I see it on a bookshelf in a bookstore or an online bookstore, I say to myself: next time. And here we are, I haven’t read it yet.

frankenstein mery shelley

House of Leaves

This one, I have never heard of before, but I read the description on BnN and was intrigued by it, could it affect me? I have a very active and specific imagination, so I can assure you that if this one is a psychologic and terror-filled book, it might make me stop reading it. But hey, I’ll know when I read it.

Get House of Leaves on BnN.

house of leaves

Those are the ones, but I am fully aware there are more. Also, I read Interview with the Vampire a long time ago, and I don’t remember it being that horrific to me, a bit creepy perhaps since Anne Rice can be dark, but I liked it, that’s why I believe that Dracula and Frankenstein, wouldn’t be that terrible on my psyche.

This Halloween, though, what is scarier than how 2020 has treated us? If you want to make a creepy decoration, you should put up “Enter 2020” signs all around the place, that ought to make people twice before knocking on your door. This year, truly. 

I am going to watch a couple of movies Halloween related this time though, last year, I was giving candy away, but I am not so sure, there’s not seem to be that many children around, I’ll keep the candy at hand, just in case.

Let me know if you have read any of this, and please no spoilers on the comments, thanks for sticking to the end. 

🎃 Happy reading! 🎃

Author: Sela O.

Book Reviewer. Indie Author. Book lover. Dragon Rider. Slytherin. 🐍 Fantasy writer. Ghost Writer. Romance Writer. ✍️

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