Fictional Characters we Wish for on Valentine’s Day

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Hello, readers. Since everyone loves talking about Valentine’s and all of that, I thought it best to dedicated a little time to all the guys we actually want on this day, stop pretending everyone, you want this and nothing else because this is the real deal and they all have something we want.

Alright so I said we, but you know how this one is going to go and if you read a previous post about Male Characters here on the blog, then you truly know what is coming next and who I am going to mention.

Fictional Characters we Wish were real on Valentine’s Day

  1. Julian Blackthorn: Do I have to say why? I will. Ever since I read Lady Midnight I have thought that Julian must be the most perfect being in the entire universe, fictional and not.
  2. Daemon Black: Daemon is Daemon, if you know the Lux Series, you know how Daemon is one awesome guy, who you wish would come from another planet to protect you, no question about it.
  3. Luc: Woah! Luc! I mean, this might have to do with the fact that I recently read The Darkest Star but who would not wish for this guy? He is a fierce protector, and as a plus cracks jokes like no other, and knows just how handsome he is and wears great t-shirts.
  4. Magnus Bane: Magnus freaking Bane, the awesome High Warlock of Brooklyn, that is it. The name alone should clue you in on the why.
  5. Will and Jem: These two are always together, no matter where you name them or in what context, best Parabatai, best friends, best allies, best non-jealous guys who share the girl, you name it they are it, and you want them on Valentine’s.
  6. Hunter: This one is also from the Lux Universe, in case you did not know, Hunter you can meet in Obsession, and yes he is another awesome alien guy who you can completely wish for on Valentine’s Day because even though he would not care about it, you will still want him there.
  7. Kirtash: This one is my first choice most of the time. Kirtash is the love of your life if you will let him, I know many do not know him unless you have read Idhun’s Memories, which I recommend 10000%, but if you do know him, I can say this: I feel you.
  8. Patch Cipriano: From Hush Hush in case you did not know that already, and if you do not then by all means go read about Patch, I mean Hush Hush because those books are good and you will find that by the end of them, you will be wishing to be someone’s Angel.
  9. Jesse: The Sweetest Dark Trilogy introduced me to Jesse, and despite it not being a well-known trilogy and this character being one that does not feature all that much, you will completely fall for him because there is something incredibly awesome and enchanting about Jesse.
  10. Kit Langford: Kit is another of those super cool characters, who as a plus is in a fantasy book, and can transform into something completely amazing, oops, spoiler alert, though if you have read The Drakon Novels then you know everything about him.
  11. Darcy: This one is a must, he is the main reason why these kind of posts are created in the first place, and do not think that because he is last, he is less important, I actually added him to the list just because, since Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy is the man of everyone’s dreams, he is the ideal, a paragon, the ne plus ultra, a nonpareil, the crème de la crème, the last word, the ultimate, he is all of that contained in a book.

Okay, I am done now. You can go on living your best Valentine’s Day with all those who made it tolerable because they are not the character from that book you love so much. Serious note: Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you who celebrate it, and to those who don’t as well.

Happy Reading!


Author: Sela O.

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