The Darkest Star

And then I was done. Wow. The last chapter was pretty normal, but before that everything was really heated.
Genres: YA. Fantasy. Romance. Totally F*ing Awesome


Origin Series

Author: Jennifer Armentrout

Genres: YA. Fantasy. Romance. Totally F*ing Awesome

This is not going to be easy. Also this is going to be so incredibly full of my really inner thoughts. Get ready.

And then I was done. Wow. The last chapter was pretty normal, but before that everything was really heated. I will try to keep the spoilers to a minimum because I want you guys to read it without knowing the main events. However since the first chapters I have been stopping and writing little notes about the moments that got to me.

Now, before I give you those notes, I will say this. I loved it. I truly had forgotten just how amazing the Luxen world is or rather how much I had enjoyed, I mean I knew I wanted to be there again, and that Daemon and Luc, Archer, Everyone there was totally great. But I did not recall just how much Jennifer can pull you in, and actually keep your attention through out an entire book.

Given she has improved her writing by a lot, just Cassie Clare did by the time she wrote The Dark Artifices (Lady Midnight showed me how much she had changed), it is no surprise that this was truly a great read, I wish I could be like them because as far YA goes, Jennifer and Cassie know how to do it. Alright I will give some notes from various chapters while they were freshly read.

Moments in the Book

First Chapters

I stopped to scream to the heavens, because Luc was so incredibly awesome, and so Luc and I was back in the Luxen world and things were going to be so good now. I was so excited when I started reading and remained in that state.

Page 53

Greyson totally reminded me of Pam “trying to stop” Sookie from seeing Eric in True Blood while he was otherwise engaged in a very naked way.

Page 72

Dying slowly. God. Daemon in my life again is like Magnus appearing in The Dark Artifices.

Page 162-163

Ok, Luc is hot, or rather Luc got hotter; and at the risk of sounding over my age, now we are free to stare and imagine and everything because he is legal now, 3 years after Lux Novels and, and this is too much.


So damn beautiful. I love this fu**ing book. This is too much. Luc Is too much.


Now Jennifer did it. She truly shocked me with Zoe. I didn’t see that one coming, in that way. She was suspicious alright but this was: Wow!!!

324 & 325

All the small baby aliens were not enough to make me stop reading, at this point I was on a roll.


Zoe got quotable by the end. And she got much cooler. If I say the quote then you will know to expect something here for real.


He said it. They said the name of the book. It was great.

Alright, that was it. That is what happened in the book. Not really, it was so much more than I have expected, I thought it would be good but this was beyond my expectations.

darkest star pages

The Characters

Since Luc is just Luc, and we truly do not need anything else, then I decided the rest would be simply what they were in the book. Just their given name.

  • Luc: The guy you want as your boyfriend, protector, friend, be on his good side. Anything.
  • Evie: The girl who thinks makes bad life choices, but in truth you would probably do the same, if the choice before you was Luc.
  • Heidi: The best friend.
  • Emery: The one that will become a best friend and of course has a secret.
  • Zoe: The other best friend.
  • Jason: The guy that is probably in love with you, but will probably remain in the friend zone forever.
  • Greyson: The Luxen you should hate or at least not like but cannot.
  • Kent: The human, who I think has some secret to tell.
  • Sylvia: The mother, who of course has the Secret!

darkest star book cover

I am going to re-read the Lux Series now, because it is incredibly amazing how you forget little details. Did you already read it? Because it is so good, did I already mention that? It is! Let me know your thoughts on it, and I hope next year brings you equally great books.

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