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This post contains spoilers left and right, I’m sorry but there is no other way for me to talk about Evie without them.



If you are on this side then you know her or you don’t mind being spoiled, like serious heavy stuff because Evie really surprised me on The Burning Shadow so I need to talk about that some more.

Name: Evie Dasher

Other names (real ones): Nadia. Peaches. Nadine.

So Evie…

Evie Dasher in The Darkest Star was our regular teenager trying to figure out who she is and all of that, then she met Luc (she thought she was meeting him for the first time that is), and well, all hell broke because we found out that there are a lot more Luxen, Origin, and Hybrids lying around then before, even though they should be in hiding, mostly, or at least we knew all of these by the end, the entire time, Evie had no clue about anything while we read on and knew that something major was happening (That is if you read the Lux series).

By book 2 Evie really came through, I found her mildly tolerable on The Darkest Star but on The Burning Shadow, I was in awe of what she really is and how she is basically a killing machine waiting to be awoken.

One that was made to destroy the strongest of the Origins, i.e, Luc, meaning the love of her life, seriously The Burning Shadow was awesome and you should read it, the Origin series rapidly became one of my favorite series, and I loved the Lux books but these two, TDS and TBS are truly something else, it was the same as with how the Shadowhunter books evolved and then we had the masterpiece that is The Dark Artifices.

But back to Evie, at each turn on TBS, I was becoming more and more engrossed in the book and because of what happened to her, I mean trying to figure out how she was turned, what serum she was given and of that, was truly a well-written plot that you rarely see, round of claps for Jennifer for giving this book all the twists and little details that you look for in a good book, I derailed to the book, sorry, but truly Evie Dasher, has all these superpowers that came from a combination of so many serums given to her so she wouldn’t die. I mean, all that Luc did for her, wow.

evie dasher aesthetic

I know I said I was going to give so many spoilers and ended up not writing the main thing here, but I cannot help it, I’d love for you to read it first hand rather than me telling you. Though I did give her an entry on Book Characters that are awesome because I rarely like the female characters in books, sometimes they are just too annoying for my taste, then again, there is Cordelia Carstairs, Emma Carstairs, Claire Fraser, Lia Langford, Tessa, and many other strong ones that made Bella and Nora and Anastasia, pale in comparison.

And that’s pretty much it, I wanted to say it all but I really cannot, I only wanted to portrait how well constructed this character is and that Jennifer Armentrout did I great job here, along with these books, they fastly became my favorites in the Luxen World, and that is saying a lot because Daemon, Dee and Katy are not much in the Origin series, I still loved it all. If I continue I will ramble on for a bit so I better stop, and don’t forget to tune in once in a while since I will be posting about Luc, Daemon Black, Katy Swartz, and many other characters from other sagas and stories.

Thank you for sticking to the end and if you are feeling in a sharing mood, by all means, do share, it will be greatly appreciated.

Happy reading!


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