Lia and Zane

‘Lia can hear the future, much in the way she hears the call of Draumr. And in that future, she realizes that the diamond—along with the fate of the drákon—rests in the hands of a human man, one who straddles two worlds.’


Lia Langford and Zane, where to start? Where they come from? Yes, I think that should be a good start.

Please be aware that they will be spoilers here if you don’t know the characters already, go to the bottom of the post, where I will leave you a link to either a review of the book where they came from or to an outside source so you can buy it, read the book, and then come back here to chat or read about these two.

Spoilers ahead!

Lia Langford

Book: The Dream Thief

Daughter of Rue and Kit Langford (Drákon Saga)

Most noticeable point in her favour: She’s a freaking shape-shifter of nothing less than a Dragon. How cool is that?


Alternative names: The Shadow of Mayfair, dreaded Whip of St. Giles. Zane Langford.

Awesomeness? He has yellow eyes, despite being human.

Lia and Zane

So, you might be wondering, why they are so cool? Despite the book being about a Dragon and Human falling in love, it has a plot that you follow like you are starving, the first time that I read it, I was a bit on the fence but by now, years later, I have read more than 3 times, so you tell me how is that not a point in its favour.

Like most couples in romances, and contemporary, regency style, at first, they are not kin on each other, except for Lia being totally into him, and Zane fighting the mere thought of liking her, isn’t that a cliché? Maybe but it does not dimish the fact that when you read a book that has all those elements, you want to read it and see it through, just to know how they will get to their happy ending or something close to it.

The great thing about Shana’s books and characters is that they all have a little something that makes them unique and memorable, as it ought to be. So when I first ran into these books, I thought: cool, it has dragons! And then they became my all-time favourite, I even have a Highlight on my Instagram that it’s dedicated to the Drákon.

Zane is one SOB, no denying that, he’s crass and an idiot, but like most male characters, eventually, you see the good in them and become totally infatuated with them, more so, when Lia keeps having intimate dreams with him, future ones, and ones that she cannot see but she can hear and feel, and you fall right into the moment with her.

You know those immersive reads that are so good, that by the time you are done with a paragraph or a line, you can actually see it or feel what the characters are feeling? Lia’s dreams are like that, and afterwards, you just one to get to the part where she and Zane are together; ultimately their love is a beautiful thing, you cannot help but sigh at the things he says, and since all romance novels are full of passion, loss, intrigue or any other major event that just make the whole story make sense, which is what good stories should have in the end.


I know I didn’t say much on this one, but probably on the other posts of this new theme I have created, you will maybe see more of the characters, what makes them so great. Like Julian Blackthorn, Will and Jem, Daemon Black, Luc, it’s going to get interesting around here, so stay tuned. 🙂

Interested in reading about these characters? They come from the second book in the Drákon series, though it could be read as a stand-alone, I would read the first one “The Smoke Thief” and then this one. But it is up to you, of course. I’ll leave you some links.

More Books

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Happy Reading!


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