“Oh, for the love of baby humans everywhere, you’re an idiot.”


Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Science-Fiction

Well this was a good and bad idea for me. Not the contents of the book, that I loved, but actually starting to read it and finishing it. Let me explain better while telling you what I thought.

Shadows is the prequel book to everything and anything related to the Lux world, I read the Lux series years ago and thought it was this amazing world with Aliens, and then came The Darkest Star and I was completely blown away with Luc, because he’s awesome and you can see just how much Jennifer went from cool books to Holy Alien Babies awesomeness, as did Cassie Clare with The Dark Artifices.

But back to the book at hand, I read Shadows in a couple of days but could have finished it in just one day, because I was engrossed in it and it’s a quick read. Then why was it a bad idea? Because now I cannot stop! I jumped right into Obsidian (Lux 1) because I needed more of the Luxen, and once more, Daemon consumes my thoughts.

And of course it was a good idea because it’s freaking amazing, and before The Burning Star came out I needed to re-acquaint myself with this world, since when I read The Darkest Star, I admit, I was a bit lost with some main events from the past books, of course, it stands on his own but I kept trying to remember key moments of the Lux series.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review, more like rambling of how much I like the Luxen, and if you don’t know the Lux Novels, you might as well start reading this one first, it won’t take that long and you’ll fall for Dawson Black before getting to know his brother, and falling for him too.

shadows book 0.5 lux novels

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Thanks, readers! 🙂


Now, I read all of the Luxen books, Arum novella, The Darkest Star, and it was like being home. And soon I’ll start with The Burning Shadow, which is already in my hands but my muggle job has kept me from it. No more, is the weekend and I’ll probably finish it before Monday comes *fingers crossed*.


Author: Sela O.

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