The Dragon Prince: Season 2

The Dragon Prince

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So, I didn’t do a season 1 of this one but season 2 was even greater and that’s the reason we are here today. After finishing the whole thing in a night and a morning, I have to say that is good and you should be watching.

The story

Wow, you have dragons, that’s all you need to know. Dragons in your life is all you need to be happy or at least me, just me? Okay. You have magic, and elves, and dark magic, and mixed cultures, like two Queens in a kingdom or blind people doing incredible things, or being able to talk to animals, and a magical mirror. If none of those things is your cup of tea then I cannot help right now, that’s all I got.

dragon prince

In season 1 they got us into this awesome world, but in season 2 they had us traveling through it, beginning to comprehend what it is about and how it is all about forging your own destiny, not judging people and believing in magic, and the power of the universe, how everything is connected. Alright, that last part is not entirely true but it is a subject underlined in the show. I really think that many who like dragons and magic, would enjoy this but if you have watched GOT and How to Train your Dragon, then you will find little things to link in here, and also LOTR, not that they copied from them but that they sometimes reference or they do things that remind you of those particular stories.

dragon prince rayla

This is short and to the point, I liked it, I think you should watch it, and if you liked Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, then you are going to like this one as well. I hope you go and watch, and if you have any comments or suggestions on other shows or this one, let me know. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

Thank you for sticking to the end and have a great day or night.

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