Junjo Romantica

Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance

Junjō Romanchika, lit. “Pure-Hearted Romantica”

Author: Shungiku Nakamura

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Yaoi, Slice of Life

Another one. I am sure you know this one. If you are a fan of Anime, Yaoi or Romance, or all of them together then you certainly have watched, heard about, read about or seen anything related to Junjo Romantica (Junjou Romantica in Spanish). I’ll make it quick.

JR is one of my favourite, obviously, otherwise we would not be here right now, I watched the Anime first, like many others, also back then, I didn’t read Manga but once I started this was definitely on the list, and then there we were. It was awesome and ever greater than the Anime, just like when a book is better than the movie or TV show.

The Story

In case you don’t know about the story, I will tell you a bit. There are three couples in it, the main one are Akihiko Usami (Usagi-san for us) and Misaki Takahashi, which is of course the main one that you wish to know exactly what will happen next. Next you have (from time to time) Hiroki Kamijō (Usagi-san childhood friend) and Nowaki Kusama, they’re my favourite, there is simply something about Nowaki and Hiroki that call starts to call to you as time passes, plus they’re adorable.

The final one, which we see less and less is between Yō Miyagi (who works with Hiroki) and Shinobu Takatsuki (a high school student, who ‘terrorize’ Miyagi until he dates him), this is a couple you eventually feel an affiliation for but not entirely, not me at least, because Shinobu can get on my nerves.


You can see in all these relationships how they fall in love, in different ways, in different times, over the years, but if you think you might be in for just the loving part than that’s not what it’s about, it does have a story and it is an interesting one, just as Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, that if you might see around the web is better than JR, and in some regards it is, and it is in the same world and the characters sometimes mingle in the other story, very little but they’re there.

I think that’s it, it is short I know but I just wanted to mention one of the manga that I have read and that I continue to like after many years. Now, do you read Manga? I found myself falling for it in recent years and could recommend a couple of stories. Don’t forget to share with your loved ones if you liked and let me know which one you like best, and if you have the time check out the one about Namaikizakari.


Author: Sela O.

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