Author: Mitsubachi Miyuki

Genres: School Life, Romance, Sports

This one is late by a lot, though not so much considering that this is ongoing. Alright, it is a Manga as you might have guessed by the name and it is still going, and it is completely amazing.

I cannot be sure that any of you read Manga but if you do then you would love this one, do not let the element of sports throw you off, it is actually pretty cool and it is not the only thing the story is about. I cannot really remember how I got to it but I know that after the first two chapters I was completely hooked and Naruse is so great.

This one should be an Anime, seriously, watching Naruse Shou coming to life would be amazing. At this point I should probably be telling you all what it is about but I want you to read it and find out for yourself, so this one is more to tell you about how incredible and engaging it is 😀

Namaikizakari over 1

A little bit about it, okay I hear you. Machida Yuki is Naruse Shou’s senior, they meet at the Basketball Club, she is the manager there and basically takes care of the team, she cannot really train them, they have a coach for that, but she is very resourceful as all heroines and does not believe in Naruse’s affection for a long while, like in all good dramas and romances.

I do admit that I enjoy Basketball a bit but you would be surprised how that sports element is not a problem when reading the Manga, I personally love it, it has become my favourite Manga, I wait and wait for the updates each month and if I was able to buy the originals I would but in Latinamerica is not so easy.


Anyways I love it, and you should definitely read it and wait for more posts like this one because I will be taking you on a new journey through this amazing world, and the other titles I love to read from this wonderful universe (Yes, Manga).

Now tell me, readers. Do you read Manga? What is your favourite? What was the first Manga you read? My first was Kaichou wa Maid-sama! I hope you stayed to the end and if you feel like sharing, be my guest, I would greatly appreciate it. Have a nice day or night, and happy reading!


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