Lady Midnight

Do I need to say is by Cassandra Clare? You probably already know that, but there I said it. Now, I might have to warn you that this review: could contain some minor spoilers, that I might talk a lot about Julian Blackthorn, and that I freaking loved it! Even more so than the other 10, I was as surprised as anyone else, because I love TMI and Clockwork Princess became one of my favorite books, but Lady Midnight was just too F**king Awesome!

And I know you will enter my chaotic thought process… thank you for being here. What you are about to read has some minor spoilers and it was written during and shortly after I read LM.

Moments in the Book

That moment in chapter 17 when you ran through several emotions and thoughts starting with: Finally!

Because you thought they would never kiss. And this was also the chapter that confirmed that Emma Carstairs is Jace Herondale in female version, as in every way possible. As in for real, only that she likes boys and is a Carstairs.


That second, minute, moment when Tina steps out and sees Mark against a tree with a very beautiful faerie over him, kissing him and you went: OMG! BY THE ANGEL! BY THE SEVEN!


Alright, while is still fresh… I just finished Lady Midnight, it is almost 1 in the morning, and my heart was in my hands, and I had a dreadful feeling in my stomach like never before, while Emma told Julian all that load of rubbish.

I loved Julian even before he first appeared on this book, just by listening, wait reading, what Em had to say about him, you could imagine the most beautiful Blackthorn boy to ever walk the world, and you could not help but stop and think back about Tatiana Blackthorn nee Lightwood in The Infernal Devices. And now that I mention that, all the time I waited for Jem to appear or Jace, and when Magnus did, screamed like a fangirl.

Fine art photo of a beautiful girl dancing
Fine art photo of a beautiful girl dancing

Going back to the idiotic thing Emma Carstairs did at the end, get ready this is real spoiler now.

Why in the hell did Emma think that breaking Julian’s heart would be a terrific idea? And in those moments is when I remember they are teenagers or Emma more than Julian, because he is an adult, the poor thing has 4 kids and 1 half-faerie half-shadowhunter to take care of…

And why oh why, did Mark have to be so enthralling? You cannot decide whether to be excited that he locked himself with Emma in her room or be spitting mad because he was suggesting making her stupid idea a real thing.

And then comes the moment when you realize or remember that the next book comes out in 2017.



Alright that was what I wrote at the moment, and I think it pretty much summons things up… oh! Wait, it does not.

I cannot help but put some more spoilers, so if you have not read, please stop reading this.

I’m sure everyone has thought about this, and has mentioned, and if not and I am the first one then pardon me for seeing something weird in a great book, but Ty and Liv really had a strange relationship, come on! I know they are twins and I know that Ty is a wonderful shadowhunter who sees the world differently, but does that give the right for them to act as if they were in love with each other at times? I’m sorry if I burst everyone’s happy bubbles but there were strange moments and you cannot deny them. With that said, I think all the Blackthorns are great, and I love Ty.


Malcolm Fade really was crazy, and we all understood his craziness because we know Emma or Julian would do the same thing to bring back a loved one, aka, each other. But when that warlock took Tavvy I nearly suffered a heart-attack because it was Max all over again, not cool, Cassie, you knew that those of us who lost Max in TMI would remember that moment here, though bravo for bringing it back.

The epilogue really didn’t surprise me as much, because we needed something to wait for in the next book and this seemed the right step, or rather the predictable one.

I don’t really trust Perfect Diego, and really don’t see the point of him. On the other hand, this reminds of a little fact about Diego and Tina, just because they are from Latin America does not mean that random burst of Spanish words need to be put in some places, and don’t get me wrong, I love my native language (Spanish) but perhaps because of that, I saw words here and there that were just funny instead of going with the seriousness of some moments.

Jem and Tessa at the end with Kit was a surprise, I knew Kit was a Shadowhunter or had my suspicions but who he really was (is) left me gapping.

And the whole thing about the Parabatai who fall in love, really not cool. Tess and Jem should guess Emma’s feelings, they are clear enough for the rest of us. I could continue rambling about every one of these amazing characters, but I believe you will want to start the book again or from scratch, or agree and disagree with me in many regards.

So go on and grab a book from the Shadow World and enjoy it. I am glad you are still reading and that you now know my secrets about this book, which I will read again, when I am certain I will not be mooning over Julian so much, as I have been doing these past few weeks. Thank you for entering my blog and I do hope you come back.

Just how I was when I finished this one…

Cheers! Happy Reading!

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