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“There were valuable first editions of books in the enormous library, most of them had been scribbled in by some idiot named Will H.”


World: Shadowhunters

Books: The Dark Artifices, Ghosts of the Shadow Market

Alright, I am going to do it. I have to do it. If you do not know who Christopher Herondale is, then by all means either do not read this one or read away because you want some Spoiler from The Dark Artifices and The Lost Herondale legend.

Spoilers ahead. 

SpoilerAlert kittens

Kit is like Kit. I was sitting hear and suddenly thought, why not? He deserves it.

Let us begin with the fact that we love Kit, he had some of the most hilarious jokes, even more than Jace sometimes, and more than Will, though those two can make us laugh like crazy. Kit is more down to earth, so to speak, he just recently found out that he is a Shadowhunter, well in Lady Midnight, a long time for us, for them it is really not that long since Cassandra’s books tend to be the length of less than a year.



  • Kit is a Herondale.
  • He is part of a long Bloodline of Herondales that left the Clave behind.
  • He has a major crush on Ty and does not know, does not want to accept, ran away when he confessed and thought that Ty did not want him back! Ty does not care about stuff like that Kit, he does not understand and you should know that!!! *taking a deep calming breath*. End of that little rant.
  • Tessa and Jem want to protect him more than they want to be in Jace’s life.
  • Kit ran away to another country, literally.
  • He is a descendant of the First Heir, and we were like: What in the name of Raziel? By the Angel! What is this?
  • He can do magic.
  • He will probably be the one to stand up against Ash (Just realised that one). Probably.

After Ghosts of the Shadow Market stories

I really should have written this down when I read those stories, but I’ll try to do them justice now. When I saw Jem, Tessa, baby Carstairs and Kit in that story, my heart just melted, these are one of the stories that I love the most, but knowing how Kit felt and how Jem comforted him, wow. You can feel it all through the ink and paper, it’s that strong. 

Of course, there is also the fact that he is with them, running away from his feelings (I cannot stress this enough), but hey, let’s not get into details or I’ll start rambling about that as well.

kit rook

I started this one out with the intention of telling you everything about Kit, but I cannot, I mean I have said enough and if you read this is because you already knew all of it or didn’t care to find out who he is, but I cannot go on, despite all these details, reading and getting to know Kit should be a priority, he became one of my fav characters, then again, almost all of them are favourites, the Shadowhunters series is vast and has so many little details and characters with depths that you rarely find, which is why I am always recommending these books. 

I’ll stop now, I wanted to go on and on about what he did, and how good he was for Ty and all of it but I rather you read it all, it’s much better, at least, there are some major plot twists here, that I’m sorry if you were spoiled but I did put a big warning at the beginning.

Thank you for sticking to the end as always, and do you know Kit? Because you should read The Dark Artifices trilogy and be completely in love with him by now if you have, and if you haven’t then I recommend you read it, serious. That’s truly it, don’t forget to find me on social media, and thank you again to everyone who follows the blog.

Happy reading!


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