Idhun’s Memories 3: Panteón

I finished this one a second time (maybe third), and I can still recommend it, I loved it again.

Trilogy: The Idhun Chronicles (Memorias de Idhún)

Pantheon – Book #3

Author: Laura Gallego


I’m doing this one on Pantheon because it felt in some parts like I was reading it for the first time.

And I completely blocked out 2 facts in this book, or so it seems. It was so real to me that A died, at first I was perplexed that that fact had been out of my mind for so long.

So, let’s do this once more, and I apologise beforehand because I know these books are in Spanish, and some of you might not be able to read them yet, still, I wanted to share.

Second time around

After finishing it for the second time (sort of third but it’s been a long time since I read), the same sort of emptiness returned like so many years before. After being in Idhún is that way, you feel like you come back to Earth in a rush and without really being prepared for it. Despite it all, I would not stop recommending it to new readers, those who know Spanish that is, I’m still in shock that after a decade the book cannot be found in English, I still will make the effort to keep you informed if it is or when it is because I refuse to believe that it will never be.

Right, the epilogue for Pantheon is not my favourite because we went back to another world and didn’t truly know what we would find there. It just ended. I would have known what came after they crossed that interdimensional door, how they fared.

idhun pantheon

The thing about Idhún is how much of a really YA and not it is, the romance is there, the girl has two guys as usual, but she is a badass like Tessa Grey and fights for them both, to be with them, and better yet, she manages to accomplish it. But the thing is that the book has so many little stories and not, so much magic and a new exciting world that you sometimes forget how the “romantic” scenes or aspects of it are very very secluded or rather diminished, minimised to the point that you end up filling in the blanks to give it that extra kick of excitement, and then there are wise words thrown in there, sound arguments, and criticising to the way that humans (us on Earth) are and how they treat their world, as well as how to view relationships, any kind, and feelings. It’s a complete, I usually say roller-coaster, but I would like to compare it to a whole amusement park, is that grand. It makes you laugh, it makes you stop and think, and of course, it makes you snort and say, come on, these people.

And even knowing all of this, I would be happy to read again at some point, it was good to refresh my memories of Pantheon. I believe I had read it but once (maybe some passages more times, according to my previous review it was twice), when it came out years ago, and this is why some major key points were blocked in my memory, and it was like reading it for the first time. It was nice being back, I admit that much. 

If you know any French, you can find some of her books in that Language here Livres.

I know, what kind of review was this? But I felt like writing some lines about it since it had been so long since I last read this trilogy, and I can safely say that it is still a favourite in its own genre, I have others that I love but each writer has their own style, and I cannot start comparing them when they write so differently, yes, it would be like asking a mother to pick a favourite child, truly unfair.

idhun chronicles review panteon

Thanks for stopping by today, dearies, and hopefully, one day, you will get to know more about these books, though you can watch part of the story on Netflix find it as The Idhun Chronicles.

Enjoy your next read! 🙂

Update – April 2022

The first part is live in English, you can check it out and get your copy of The Idhun Chronicles Vol 1: The Resistance: Search.


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