Kirtash: Coming to you from Idhún Memories (or now The Idhun Chronicles), a Spanish trilogy about another world where you live under three suns and moons ruled by several Gods.


Wow! This one is going to be interesting.

Book: The Idhun Cronicles Trilogy

Other names: Chris-tara, Christian

Talents: Magical voice, charming (in his own way), shape-shifting. Freaking awesome.

See where this is going?

My fair warning is now, this will contain spoilers for those who had never heard of this character or these books. 🐍

spoilers warning ned stark

Coming to you from Idhún Memories (or now The Idhun Chronicles), a Spanish trilogy about another world where you live under three suns and moons ruled by 6 Gods (7 later on), and where, by the end of book 2, you wish you could live there, move to this other awesome world.

So, who’s Kirtash? I’ll tell you. ❤️

About Kirtash

Kirtash is one of the main characters of the books, there are three of them, he is supposed to kill the heroine at first, he is an assassin sent from Idhún to deal with threats like her on Earth. Wow, that sounds so cool, I would read that book. Of course, he doesn’t because why would he, right?


At first, you don’t like him because he is the bad guy but his aura of total badass, no heart, blue eyes and dark hair combination will soon win you over like it did with Victoria (that’s our heroine), from the moment they met there was this strange connection between them, which you know is going to evolve into something else, even when Jack (our second main male character) comes into the fold and you begin to wonder what will happen, who will she choose. Think Tessa, Will and Jem (The Infernal Devices) because this story rolls that way, Victoria is not choosing, well she tries and at one point or another, she sort of does, but sooner rather than later we are rooting for Kirtash.

Our shape-shifter guy has a troubled past (because why not?), he has killed many Idhunitas (Idhunese) who fled to Earth years back, when there was a big event on Idhún (I’m not telling you the whole book, no), he also happens to be the son of the sovereign of Idhún (duh), and then when he is sent to Earth searching for others from his homeland to kill (traitors) but cannot find Victoria again, he stays and starts a career as a musician, yeap, he sings as if he was not perfect before. 


The best song in a book where you cannot hear any voices, melodies or anything like that, is Beyond, is the perfect song, is amazing, and Victoria loves it even though she doesn’t know who sings or who wrote it, it was Kirtash and when she finds out is him, things get much more interesting than before. I have read these books so many times, that I am not surprised how well I know and remember the details, considering I haven’t refreshed my memories in about three years, I think. Before that, I read them constantly, especially book two.


As I said, he is a shape-shifter and he turns into something you would not guess, and a creature that is unique to these books, a Shek, that might sound like Sherk but has absolutely, nothing to do with it. They are amazing creatures, incredibly smart, that have the ability to get in your head and also communicate telepathically. Think snakes and big.

By the end

Well, by Book 3 (Pantheon) you are so incredibly in love with Kirtash that it is actually a bit unbelievable, he is one of those characters that gets your attention, keeps it and never lets it go. Not even Jack, our other main character, I was like, sure Jack you’re cool. But that is it. Kirtash is just too perfect, he gives you the best advice, he makes you re-think life, and he makes you nod at the book when he is talking like you are right there with him.


The best male character, in all the books I have read since I started reading more than a decade ago, *cough* almost two decades. In any case, if you have never heard of these books, then I recommend them, I do not leave a link to it because I always see them in Spanish or Catalan or Italian (the Author is from Spain), but if you speak Spanish or any of these other languages then you are in for a treat.

For readers

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Happy reading, everyone!

Update Sep 2020

The New Netflix series is out, in case you want to know more. Here’s the trailer.

Update Dec 2020

I just heard that the second part will be available in January! This is going to get interesting!

Update Jan 2021

The second part is live on Netflix! If you want to catch it, I haven’t watched it yet but you can be certain that I’ll be doing a new post about it because this is one of my fav parts in the books.

Update Aug 2021

Already watched the whole series on Netflix. And you can now check out The Idhun Chronicles part 2 review, where I fangirl some more about Kirtash.


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