The Idhun Chronicles Part 2

The Idhun Chronicles, the story we wished for years to become a realisation. Adaptation from Spanish trilogy Memorias de Idhún by Laura Gallego.

song beyond

Where? Netflix.

Based on a Book? Yes.

For the review of the books, you can go here: Idhun’s Memories. 📙

Hello, dearies! It’s August of 2021, as in we are past the mid-year mark, as we are almost looking at Autumn in the eye, and I finally watched the second part of The Idhun Chronicles, I know it took me some time, but I already knew what it was about and where it was headed knowing the end of the book and all, and knowing that there are no more seasons or parts or nothing, so I was taking my time, and I had a lot of work, now I am a free bird, and can do other things.

I am not sure if you watched the first part of these cool animated series, but you probably should. It’s on Netflix, and you can read my review here:

With that out of the way, I’ll share my thoughts while watching the second part, assuming that you already watched the first and perhaps read the book. Remember that you can translate this post with the friendly translator to your right. 

Spoiler alert.

Mild spoilers are ahead, you’ve been warned.

idhun baculo ayshel

The Idhun Chronicles Part 2

Ep 1

  • What’s this about? Was it so difficult to put Jack playing tennis all sexy? And Alexander finding him? They had to put them in some remote unknown town.
  • So… what, in the real world was too much? Victoria couldn’t demonstrate in the taekwondo academy? They had to do it in Limbhad.
  • And then they reinvented it with the concert, this was the highlight for me. Oh, yeah. You got me there, Kirtash’s song, Beyond. *Infatuated Sigh*

Ep 2

  • What a lame first kiss. Also, why is Victoria’s hair suddenly dark and not brown? She dyed it or something.
  • They’re just jumping through these chapters in the book like they’re flying by them. Yet, I have to keep watching. I just have to.
  • So Alexander transformed into a wolf for 5 seconds? Lol.
  • Jack embarrassed, so cute.
  • And then there is this background music that makes me think this is a bad (or old) play or movie.

Ep 3

  • Why does Victoria look like she is 20 years old? And Kirtash and Jack look their young age, or 18 or so. Even though the only one who is almost 18 is Kirtash, just saying.
  • Victoria should just get over herself. If she likes two boys, then that’s life. 
  • Oh, so Victoria’s hair only looks black at night? I mean, I understand it would look darker but not black. And why is Kirtash’s hair light grey sometimes? (Also a light thing). 
  • And now, they fight at the beach, Kirtash and Jack
  • Oh crap, we’re getting to the good stuff. If only they would continue the story.
  • “You don’t belong to me.”
  • “Feelings are free.” 

Powerful stuff.

Ep 4

  • This is getting real. 
  • And now we know what Kirtash is. And I appreciate it the flashback, I always loved that part of the story. 
  • The Half Confessions. 
  • Oohhh. The end of this episode is the gateway, I believe I’m going to scream now… in despair. 
  • Seriously, why is Victoria always wearing skimpy shirts? Like whatever, more power to her and she looks hot, but that’s not how she dresses in the books.
  • Trolls? Oh, sometimes I forget about translations, these are actually called “Trasgos” in Spanish. 

Ep 5

  • We’re almost to the end now. If you are not intrigued by the story by now, then it’s probably not for you. We all have our likes and dislikes. 
  • Jack and the stupid questions, how did he repair the sword, honestly? Is that something he should be asking? 
  • Now they really can see the light in Victoria’s eyes? Anyone can and we can. These explanations are so rushed.
  • Not to be a stickler for details or anything, but they skipped over the part where Gerde and Kirtash are in bed.
  • And it’s over. I always think there is a little more, but I should have known this was it.
  • jack older spain
  • idhun memories
  • jack
  • beyond kirtash album

Done with the thoughts.

Now, I’ll get a little real on this one, I mean I love this story so much that I was watching the episode as if I would get to watch what comes next, which didn’t happen of course, because they really got the whole thing in there, the entire first book, The Resistance, was picked at for the main event and then they shoved all in these part 1 and 2 of The Idhun Chronicles. It felt a bit rushed, the second part.🤔

Let’s rant a bit about things that were missing from the book. 📖

idhun memories resistance

Notes from the book

  • In the books, Jack doesn’t find Alexander, he finds Jack. And we read about a hot sixteen-year-old Jack playing tennis in Italy.
  • Victoria and Kirtash first kiss, you imagine it a little more heated and exciting.
  • Gerde and Kirtash have sex, call it as it is. If you’re already showing how Gerde is, a sexy fairy, basically, then show how cold Kirtash became at some point. 
  • The despair from Kirtash when he is being tortured was not shown in that strong capacity; in the book, you really get down and dirty and suffer with him, I don’t know, it felt a little flat on the screen.
kirtash idhun

Those events were missing, it’s all in the details, people. I think in the second part they were more concerned with finishing the story than with telling the story, which is an awesome one, and the second part of this first book is what makes you want to read the other 2, it’s a fact, I have read Idhun many times yes and I might know it a little by heart, so I was looking forward to this, and even though I loved the concert, and the song, and the afterwards, there was still something missing. 


This does not mean that I do not recommend it, this is a story that I always recommend, it has been years since the first time I picked up this book and read it, but ever since I finished The Resistance (Idhun #1) I was hooked forever.

So that’s all for this one, I’ll stop before I continue to rant on about the magical world with the three moons and suns. I hope you enjoyed reading some of my ramblings, and if you stuck to the end, thank you as well. Don’t forget to follow me on social media if you’d like to see some pics of books and art related to books. 📚😊

Happy reading!

Update on the Books/Comics 2021

It seems there will be a comic in English (The Idhun Chronicles. The Resistance. I: Search), or rather the comic was translated and will be released in Jan 2022. Check out more on Laura’s site.


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