The Last Star

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Trilogy: The 5th Wave

Author: Rick Yancey

Genre: YA, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Post Apocalyptic, Aliens


I gave it 4 stars out of consideration, and I didn’t want to put 3.

I don’t enjoy writing bad reviews, or what some might count as bad or not perfect-I-loved-everything-about-it or even hey-you-should-read-this-is-a-must-read. I like recommending books that I enjoyed, but then the endings come, and they’re so, what the frack is this?

That’s kind of how I felt all the way through the last chapters of The Last Star. Up until the last chapter, I had hopes, the hope that it would end differently, but it didn’t.

Let’s get this party started. First, I have some commentary on some of the chapters, then it comes the final review, and if you haven’t read my previous reviews on these books, you can check them out before reading this one:

Though you might find them a little different from this one, and they were written a long time ago.

Alright, so the warning, Spoilers ahead! Like there are Spoilers if you haven’t read The Last Star. You have been properly warned.

CH by CH

CH 7

Cassie thinking she does not have a temper, lol. Girl, you blow up at each turn.

Ringer. Vosch is human? What the… This is making less sense by the minute.

Okay, so either Vosch lied to Ringer, or Evan is right. I rather think that he is and not they are a simple program. That would be sort of boring.


Dumbo is gonna step in front of a bomb or bullet or whatever for Ben. I know it. 

CH 14. I freaking knew it. I saw it coming.

CH 17 I didn’t buy the old granny show. Either she was one or she was working with one. Come on, Zombie, look alive!


“I think I know, but knowing why doesn’t help my feelings of Evanlessness.” That sounds like Evanescence. 🤔😂

Cassie and Evan. 

“Cassie’s pain, Cassie’s fear, Cassie’s anger, Cassie’s despair.” 

Because you are kind of selfish Cassie. Don’t deny it and a little egocentric.

So we have to wait to know what happened? Did they do it, did they not? Is she going to end up with Ben instead since Evan is on the road to dying. It seems, again. End of CH 22.

CH 26. Yolo. Zombie.

CH 29 seriously, Ringer? Like seriously? You’re gonna help the others by killing Evan, that’s your big plan? 🤨😑

At least Sams knows what to do. Because no one seems able to. You want me to feel sorry for the child? Then Don’t write 3 f-ing books where you train children to kill.

CH 45

Holy fu**. Pregnant. I think it was one of the things that actually I didn’t see it coming.

Cassie and Ringer. 

“No, that’s a fact. Vosch confirmed it.”

“Right. The maniac who orchestrated the murder of seven billion people. Well, sure, if he said it, then it must be true.”

This is my point exactly.


huh?? = “Lemme bury Ringer first. Then we’ll talk about weapons.”


(Side-note on this, I didn’t know what they were going to do, so well played, Yancey)

Evan Walker.

‘The undoing of Evan Walker had begun.’

Ch 66

Because why not? 

We call this Area 51,” Vosch informed him without a trace of irony.

I mean just like Evan thinks or believes whatever, that he is an alien and everything is real. Just as easily could Vosch believe what he’s saying is real, and he’s a chosen one.


At the end. Now they can delete a human or a being’s memories? And Evan won’t remember Cassie? Come on!

CH 93 at the beginning. 

What’s happening?

Pause on the final moments – final chapter

You think you are seven billion people? On the belief that everyone lived in one country? You are only thousands of people that were downloaded in that wonderland, or is Wonderland in that camp that Vosch ran, or is the program connected to all the others in the world? That I could believe. 

End of the Ch by Ch, now, here comes the part after I was done reading the book.

By the last part 

So, I had the faint hope that there were aliens out there, and they wanted Earth, and that Vosch was wrong, and if it was and we never found out because Cassie blew up the whole thing, then well, we are still standing in the same belief. I read all these books, thinking that there were aliens among people, and it turns there weren’t, and the whole story was basically a lie; thanks, Rick Yancey, that was a bit waste of time. 

I am not saying that the books are bad, you can read them and enjoy them, but don’t tell me after all this time, that everything is a freaking computer program, and they’re not aliens but androids with a chip in their heads. Not in those words, but that is what they said, this might as well be a futuristic book mixed with the dystopia.

Yes, I rather have an alien downloaded into my mind than a program, that’s cooler.

I felt tricked at the end, and supposedly in The Infinite Sea, they explained this, to Ringer, but even though I read The 5th Wave and TIS before reading The Last Star, like seriously, I read all of them in a row to have the facts fresh, I didn’t get all of that Ringer told the others on TLS, I didn’t even believe her or Vosch. 

Did you read these books? Did you believe the stories told by Ringer? Because when you cannot trust anything that the Others say, and only what Evan Walker tells you because he fell in love with a human, then how can you expect me to believe that they were all humans? 

Anyways, there is also the fact of what happened at the end with Cassie, which by the way, she wouldn’t have done if she knew or suspected that Evan was still alive, which she should have known he would be because he was mother-f-ing enhanced again, so he would have survived a little electricity. 

I think I am going to leave my ranting end here, I am not giving you the end of the book, sorry, just know that they sort of lived happily ever after? If you don’t count the fact that trust is shot to hell, kids have guns, and Evan would probably die at some point. That’s how you can sum up the ending. 

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Thank you for sticking to the end, dearies. I have expected to write a very different review for The Last Star, but here we are, it is what it is. Now, I will go immerse myself in The Brightest Night (Origin #3), which I left hanging for a while because it’s too much for my poor heart, I know it’s the last book, so I had been postponing reading it, but I know it has to be done. 

Now, I’m really finished, thank you again, and hope to see you around here once more, or on my social media. 

Happy reading!

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