The Idhun Chronicles

Overall? I would watch it again and that means it was good the first time. Pretty close to the books.

idhun art netflix

Where? Netflix

Based on the books by Laura Gallego – Memorias de Idhún

Season 1 – so far

Alright, let’s do this while it’s fresh. As in, I just finished watching season 1, tonight, not long ago.

Starting now, and if you haven’t read or watched this, don’t worry there are no spoilers on this one.

Idhun Season 1

So much like the books, while I watched the first part, meaning the first three episodes, I was quickly fast-forwarding in my head to what would come next, though if you don’t know the books, you will not have that problem. So objectively speaking, the PoV of someone who is getting to know the story for the first time, you find the first episodes a bit slow, the action is there, the mystery, you look for the clues, you commit most of it to memory because it could be important further down the road, and if you didn’t pay attention you should have.

By the end of episode 3, I was starting to get really annoyed with the choice in voices for the characters and how young-y the whole thing felt, then I remember, it’s supposed to go that way and by episode 4, there was no way I was stopping, I didn’t realize there were only 5 episodes in the first season so I watched the whole thing like I would soon be watching what happened next, but of course, it ended in a sort of half-cliffhanger half-the-end-for now kind of way.

tv idhun jack victoria

Overall, when episode 5 was done and over, I was in the zone, I wanted to keep going and then I couldn’t so I might as well start reading the books again, sorry if you can’t read in Spanish truly sorry, but I am yet to see the books in English (but the info in Spanish is on the Author’s page) but if I come across it in the future, I’ll make sure to place a link here for you guys, but if you want to know anything about what’s to come, I’m here for you.

Back to the TV Show, yes, I would watch it, it’s an interesting story and what’s coming next is where the real fantasy, awesome, completely mind-blowing plot will be. I can assure it.

shail jack victoria idhun

Did you watch the show yet? Do you have any questions? Though I will not post any spoilers on the comments here, you can send me a DM on Instagram. I hope you did watch it or will watch it soon, readers. And if you do, let me know and if you want to share this one, please do as well.

Happy reading and watching!

Update Dec 2020

The Second part of the Series has been announced by Laura on her Instagram, in January, we will continue the story!


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