the wicked ones

Ghosts of the Shadow Market: The Wicked Ones

Book: Ghosts of the Shadow Market

Authors: Cassie Clare & Robin Wasserman

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama

It took me a while to read this one, but I did so enjoyed it and in the end, it led to what we already knew. But while reading The Wicked Ones, I was actually trying to remember about what little information I had on Céline Montclaire and as such I will now share my in-the-moment thoughts.

If you haven’t read this short story or don’t know about The Mortal Instruments story, I suggest you don’t continue because there are some spoilers here.

You have been warned. 

First thoughts

Once we didn’t know much about Céline, Jace’s mom (in case you didn’t know who she was before). But as it turns out, it appears she was tortured as a child by her parents, and she was madly in love with Stephen, and maybe we needed her story, even though we didn’t like her much before because we thought she broke off Amatis and Stephen Herondale by Valentine’s meddling or at least, that’s the story we know from TMI.

On Page 233

My thoughts went like this: Oh, my! Poor Céline. Finally gets the kiss she wanted and it was a potion induced one.

Page 234

‘Wandering the city like a murderous little Eponine.’ Had to share that quote about Céline with you guys.

Page 257

Jem, my Jem, it is just too much sometimes to read about Brother Zachariah. He is Jem and not, the transformation throughout the whole book (Ghosts of the Shadow Market that is), is like reading one little piece of story about Jem, which I suppose was the point, it was so very intentional and painful to read.

Page 266 & 267

Reading about how manipulative Valentine really was is no surprise, how Céline needed all he had to say, this is like reading two stories almost. Jem on what side, Céline on the other end.

Page 270


Page 272

Wow! Cassie Clare knows how to surprise me every time. I didn’t know how to feel about Céline.

wicked ones book art

After all of it

So I sort of get it, the whole Céline thing and in the end, she went along with Valentine because, ultimately, she wanted Stephen for herself, she had been in love with him since she first saw him, but he was already with Amatis in this story and in the end of it all, it turned out that Céline went right ahead and accepted whatever decision Valentine was going to make or thing he was going to do, to give her Stephen, sure, Jace wouldn’t have been born but still, this is just wicked, pun intended.

I’m done now, have you read Ghosts of the Shadow Market? Or The Wicked Ones? I think you would enjoy it if you loved any of the Shadowhunters books and if not, you will still like it, trust me. That’s it, thanks for sticking to the end and hopefully, you will like this one so much that you will let me know? Or share it? Or like it or help me out so I can stay in touch though here? Either way, thanks for staying to the end and happy reading!

PS: I’m planning a podcast, how does that sound? About books, of course. 🙂

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