February Recommended List for Heartbreaks and Swoons

“Once you dissolve dye in water, you can’t take it back out. It’s like that. I can’t take you out of me. It means cutting out my heart, and I don’t like myself without my heart, I know that now.”
Queen of Air and Darkness

heartbreak swoon worthy books

Hello, dearies! Is February, can you believe it?

I can. I think that January passed by slowly and at the same time not. Perhaps that means this year will be kinder to us than the past two.

Last time I went with the couples we idealise, but this February 2022, I decided to share some of the books that have broken my heart and some that had made me swoon because there is always those with the HEA and those that leave you crying on the floor. And there are some which have both of these features, they break you and patch you up again in the same book, a rollercoaster because, why not?

Let’s get started. 😊

The Heartbreak Pros

Lady Midnight

The first that popped into my mind was this one because the raw feelings were there the whole book. It was frustratingly beautiful.

lady midnight paperback

Clockwork Angel

Because by the Angel! No one breaks your heart and has you a rollercoaster of emotions like Will Herondale. 💓

clockwork angel review

Where She Went

Despite the ending, the rest of the book had me crying, sighing, saying it’s not fair, and Adam was too much for my poor heart. I wanted to comfort him.


Wuthering Heights

A classic and an expert of making you feel all those raw feelings, you spent the book longing for something to happen and then ended disappointed and frustrated at how it all went south. 🖤

The Sweetest Dark

Very few books had broken my heart like this one. I kept reading the rest of the series because it was interesting, but this one almost made me forsake it all.


The Wicked Ones

This short story from Ghosts of the Shadow Market would make you feel sorry for Céline even if you had reservations about her, by the time I was done reading, I was so into the characters and how terrible it all had been. So worth the heartache.

the wicked ones

The Swoon Pros

I’ll try to keep the list short.

Jealous n’ Freakn’

I know this book is not as known as I’d like, but I cannot help but recommend it whenever I can. It’s a three-way, and I lost count of the times that I’ve re-read this book, I liked that much, from the denial to the facing the facts, to the why doesn’t someone like that exist? I love every part of it. 😍

jealous and freaking

Pride and Prejudice

Now, hear me out, this might not have all those details as the new romance, YA, new adult and contemporary from these days, but you cannot deny that it was the original swoon-pro. Especially the last part of it, with Mr Darcy coming around, is truly a my-heart-just-flutter moment. 💓

alternative cover pride prejudice


Not many might know The Idhun Chronicles, but these books are my favourite, and the second one has some of the best falling in love, you’re the love of my life, we belong together, and all of those moments in most of the books that I have read in my life. Half my life, I started reading when I was a teenager.

idhun triada

The Burning Shadow

My heart flips each time I think of those little detail in The Burning Shadow because Luc, he makes my heart skip beats.

burning shadow hardcover

Lux Novels

Daemon freaking Black, all the books he’s in, you end up loving him, and he makes you swoon like no other. A pro.


And Winter too, my heart would flip out with the characters in these books. The Lunar Chronicles is a must-read. But Cress, yes, I fell for the story, the characters, Cress, Thorne, all of them. 👀

book photography cress lunar

City of Heavenly Fire

I would say the whole Shadowhunters world, but let’s keep to this one, book 6 in The Mortal Instruments series. It was one that made me smile, swoon, be ecstatic, sad, frustrated, then back to happy and smiling. The whole array of emotions.


Queen of Air and Darkness

And Lord of Shadows as well, they both go into the same package of oh-my-god, I loved, absolutely loved The Dark Artifices trilogy, of all the shadowhunters books these are the ones I recommend the most. Especially Julian Blackthorn, forever.

queen air darkness book cover

Alright, I’ll stop here, or I’ll continue naming books that had made me fall utterly for the characters and the story. But to mention a few more, The Time Weaver, Delicate Freakn’ Flower, Teacher (Voyeur Series), Outlander, okay, okay, moving on. 📚

Thank you for reading, dearies. I hope that this new month and shortest of the year brings nothing but great things to you. Don’t forget to share this list with the community. I’d greatly appreciate it.

Happy Reading! 💎


Author: Sela O.

Book Reviewer. Indie Author. ✍️ Book lover. RedBubble Artist. Dragon Rider. Slytherin. 🐍 E.L.F 💎

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