Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession

It didn’t go quite as I expected.

book anne boleyn kings obsession alison weir

Author: Alison Weir

Genre: Historial Fiction, Tudor Period, Adult, Romance (so-so)

3 ⭐+ 1

Happy Weekend, dearies!

I hope I will make this clear and not ramble on too much. My feelings about Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession are mixed, and I mean that for real. I had the highest of hopes for this book, and it did not turn out as I expected it to be.

Let’s begin. 📜

Spoilers ahead if you don’t know the story behind Anne Boleyn or The Tudor Family.

First Part

The book starts when Anne was first shipped to serve this Queen, that Lady, this other Queen, she was not even twelve, but that’s no problem, the thing is, that it took too freaking long to move past these early years and into the real deal, when she was older, a teenager, a more mature person.

anne boleyn six tudor queens

Second Part

By the time we start seeing Anne Boleyn being older and expressing her own mind, it’s to have her as a feminist who is not particularly interested in boys at all, which is a little far fetched. And this continues to be the theme for far too long until one guy or another shows interest, she shows it back and falls in love and then that is done and finished.

Afterwards, Henry VIII begins to show his interest, oh, and she has no interest whatsoever in him and does not even find him attractive at all, not one bit, like the King is in the lowest of her interest list. Again, I understand what Weir tried to do here, after reading her note at the end of the book, but it was too exaggerated, in my opinion.

Consider this, if Anne Boleyn was interested in power, and wanted to become someone important, then she would have been at least a little bit curious, in some way, towards the King and not see him as whatever.

anna bolena - six tudor queens - book review

Third Part and Final

After Henry begins showing his affections towards Anne, she pushes him off and off (this is where the romance is supposed to happen, I didn’t see it), and sure we know that to be true, because Anne Boleyn was a smart woman, and knew how to play men, let’s call it as it is. From what I have seen and read, of history, about this time, this is how she was, but I don’t think that in this book, it was portrayed as it should.

The other romantic aspects (romance is one of the genres of the book) on the book are so off, is more a historical drama 📜 than anything else, even when they consummated their relationship, it was so, meh, and Anne was like, is that it? It was really not worth the wait, from anyone’s perspective, even the reader’s.

I had my expectations of this book, and they were not met that much. I mean, I do not believe that Anne was that cold about Elizabeth, sure she must have been disappointed about her being a girl and not the heir of England that she promised Henry, but come on, she was way too cold-hearted in this book.

By the end, you begin to see how Henry’s love for Anne diminishes bit by bit, but again, I knew it would happen, so it was more like, about time and is this how it will go down? It was so mild that you are more like longing for it to be over, when I had about 25-30% left of the book, I was waiting for the end already, it was so, yeah yeah. I almost skipped to the last chapter to finish but decided to read the whole thing because I was almost there.

book six tudor queens 2

Now, after finishing Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession, I read the Author’s note, which is something that I rarely do before writing the review. And sure, I understand where Weir wanted to go, but I don’t feel like her thoughts on Anne came through as she expected, she wanted to paint her a heroine and feminist, she only managed the feminist part, because the rest I didn’t feel like readers would come to sympathise in any way with Anne. I like reading about Anne, and watching movies, I find her fascinating (it started with Natalie Dormer), but I don’t think that in this book, she is as well-represented.

I didn’t give 3 stars to the book because I didn’t want to be that ruthless, but in my heart, it deserved it. I gave it 4 for effort, and perhaps others would enjoy it more than I did. It was not my cup of tea, so much so, that I don’t feel like reading the other books in this series, the Six Tudor Queens.

I don’t recommend it unless you have no clue about Anne Boleyn and what happened during this time, then you might be interested in knowing more. I mean to each his own. Everyone has different tastes.

Thank you for sticking to the end as usual, and as you might be aware, I don’t enjoy giving bad reviews, but here we are. I try to live an honest life.

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Happy reading! 🏰

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