Books Set in the UK Challenge

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books set in the UK

Hi, dearies!

As I enjoyed doing one of small towns, I decided to go over to Europe and enjoy the scenery in the UK, not just London or Oxford, but other parts will count as well in this book challenge.

I have read a few books either by British authors or US authors that decided to set the book across seas, so I remembered that I have read some of those and let’s see if I can name a few.

8 Books Set in the UK Challenge

Daisy Darker

alice feeney daisy darker book

This was a recent read, well I finished last year. And it’s set at this cottage in Cornwall, which is a historic county and ceremonial county in South West England. Or that’s what my search told me, it was an interesting book but it soon became to me a retelling of other books. You can check out my review here.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

book cover original

Oh, you might tell me this one is set in Connecticut in the USA, but that’s the American version. This book is originally set in the UK, if you haven’t read that version I recommend it, as it’s always best to check out what the author meant originally.

Wuthering Heights

wuthering heights actors

Well, I have to mention a classic, don’t I? Wuthering Heights takes us to Yorkshire, which is in the north of England, in case you wanted details.

Anne Boleyn: A King’s Obsession

anne boleyn six tudor queens

And this one is not a classic, but it’s set in a time when classics were being created. I don’t need to tell you that Anne Boleyn was an actual queen of England, and if you didn’t know then there you go, big spoiler there.

The Smoke Thief

Is not exclusive to the UK but yes. Well, it starts in Darkfrith, England, 1737. But as I know Darkfrith it’s not an actual place, but we also travel to London. So there you go the UK. The Smoke Thief is one of those books that I didn’t know I would love so much but in the end, I did. If you ask me for a fantasy romance, I’ll probably tell you to read this one.

Clockwork Angel

clockwork angel review

If you’re a hardcore Shadowhutner fan, then you know this one is in London. I want to re-read it just by thinking about it. If you go from Clockwork Angel onward then you’re in for quite a journey, you might spend months reading only Shadowhunters books, I love that.

Harry Potter

harry potter 4 daniel radcliffe

You thought I would forget? I just had many others in mind, and even though the Harry Potter books are mostly on the wizarding world, Hogwarts or other fictional places, it still has its moments in places in the UK.

The Subtle Knife

his dark materials book subtle knife

Oxford. Hey, even when the Oxford they mention it’s not the real one, it’s still in the UK. All the books in His Dark Materials series are there, but The Subtle Knife goes to our world, that’s why it’s on the list.

I ended up naming 8 books this time, and I could go on. But let’s leave it that size before this becomes too much or a TLDR.

That’s all for now, dearies. I hope you stayed to the end and that you discovered a new book to read or remembered a good book you read in the past.

Thank you for always coming to the blog, it means the world to me.

Happy Reading! 🐲


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