Daisy Darker

This is the first audiobook I ever listened to, I don’t know if I’ll go back for another. On Daisy Darker? I don’t know if I’ll come back for more books from this author.

daisy darker book

Author: Alice Feeney

Genres: Suspense, Drama, Thriller (?)


I give credit when and where credit is due.

Hello, dearies! 🐚

A new month is here, and only now am I publishing a new one, but the days just blend together lately.

Daisy Darker was my first audiobook, and half of the time I thought, I could be reading this instead of listening and it’ll be faster and perhaps a bit more interesting. But that is not part of the review, just a thought about audiobooks.

Well, well, Daisy Darker’s Little Secret, oh wait, that’s not it, that’s something inside the book, and they said it so much that you think of the main character’s name, and then those words drag alone of their own will.

It took me some time to finish it, even when it was an audiobook and all I had to do was hit play, but for the first half of it, I would stop it and do something else or listen to music, I couldn’t focus on it, but I wanted to know what happened to Daisy, because she kept alluding to something that happened in the past and how it changed her family, and their relationship towards her. So, I said, oh well, she must have done something terrible or dumb or whatever and they didn’t like her anymore, and I was very wrong.

daisy darker book

Now, some notes I have from bits and pieces of it all.

Mild Spoilers ahead.

Daisy Darker’s Notes

  • She’s the only one to remember anything.
  • She remembered things from when she was 4 years old.

I don’t remember when I was 6 – 10 even less from being a toddler basically. But Daisy did, so okay sure.

  • When they found Frank, that was at least interesting.
  • Alright, hmm, giving sleeping pills to teenagers so they don’t wake up during the night and annoy anyone, what’s up with that? Just proving how dysfunctional they were?
  • I thought a few times that she was a little crazy and jealous. Sure they treated her like a kid always and constantly, but still.
  • Connor was the most suspicious and Rose too, who kept looking at her watch, but then other things happened and whatever, irrelevant to those details?

That’s it for the notes. I didn’t give anything away, I know, just some random thoughts, but I had to get them out.

But why the 3 stars? You may wonder. It’s because it didn’t flow, I wasn’t invested in the story as one would be with a mystery, and there were so many flashbacks that it dragged, and I understand now that I have finished the book why the need for those flashbacks, but still was all very: that’s it?

alice feeney daisy darker book

Now, I’ll give major spoilers, so please don’t read further if you don’t want to know what happens in the end.

melisandre red witch spoilers

These spoilers are not actually about passages from the book, but what I will compare Daisy Darker to will be a spoiler.

First, I thought: oh this is basically And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians) by Agatha Christie. It is. They even make mention of it.

Then I thought: ooh so this is The Sixth Sense. And by the time I finished listening to the book I believed it was a mix of those two books and The Lovely Bones.

What can I say? It’s the only thing that came to mind, if that was the author’s inspiration and original intent, then great, if it wasn’t then I’m sorry, but it comes off as a retelling of all of that.

And I don’t have anything against retellings, I quite enjoy them, just read my review about TLC and you’ll see, but this time, I couldn’t find it in me to be immersed. But maybe someone else will love it, or they will give it 5 stars because they enjoyed it so much, it could happen, I’m just giving my sincere review.

And I hate giving less than 4 stars, I do. And I don’t give 2 stars, I rather not say anything. This is my lowest rating it’s what I’m trying to say, and the way is written is fine but the story is what I have an opinion on, it’s just that.

You can read safely from here on.

As usual this is one person’s review, you can read the description of the book and perhaps be intrigued and would love it once you read it, we all have different tastes. That’s it from me, dearies. This took longer than I expected but it seems my rambling needed an out.

Thank you for stopping by the blog and if you’re here for the first time, welcome and please help yourself to the follow button.😊 Check out my social media for more, and if you like Mystery books I have a new section for it here on the blog.

Hope you enjoyed it and will come back for more.

Happy Reading! 🌊


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