A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

“The people you love weren’t algebra: to be calculated, subtracted, or held at arm’s length across a decimal point.”

a good girl's guide to murder - UK version

Book: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Version: UK

Series: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder #1

Author: Holly Jackson

Genre: Mystery, Young Adult, Thriller


Hello, dearies!

Here’s another that I didn’t think I would create or read, but life has its turns and here we are.

I enjoyed Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, even when the YA part got a little exaggerated and I was fighting with the main character out aloud alone in my room.

Check out the descrip.

The case is closed. Five years ago, schoolgirl Andie Bell was murdered by Sal Singh. The police know he did it. Everyone in town knows he did it.

But having grown up in the same small town that was consumed by the murder, Pippa Fitz-Amobi isn't so sure. When she chooses the case as the topic for her final year project, she starts to uncover secrets that someone in town desperately wants to stay hidden. And if the real killer is...
good girl's guide to murder - murder board

Actually, to be honest, I was a little surprised that I was into this one but I was, and I wanted to know how it would turn out. I believe it was the tone of it more than anything, there are some books that you read and are either in first person, but you don’t connect with the character, and some in third person that has you guessing who’s perspective it is.

But with Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, it was fine, from the start I was intrigued by what was happening. Even if solving mysteries books are not really my thing, I prefer to watch a TV show or movie for that.

This is a good read if you’re into mystery and if you want to dip your toes in that genre too. No book-boyfriend in particular as it’s mainly following Pip’s investigation, but the male protagonist, Ravi, is charming, and you can easily love him.

book cover original

I don’t have much to say about this other than I’d like to read the sequels because I found out after finishing this first book that there are two other books that promise to be just as interesting.

Question though, have you read this book? Or heard about it? Since I’m not in this genre loop, I didn’t know it existed, so I’m curious whether you have. 🤗

I hope you pick a copy of Good Girl’s Guide to Murder if you haven’t before and you can come back later to chat about it here, or if you already read then let me know too.

kindle edition good girl guide murder

Thank you for sticking to the end, dearies! 👩🏻‍💻 And don’t forget to like, comment, follow or share with others, it all helps.

Hope you have a nice day and happy reading! 🐕

P.S.: There are two versions (apparently) of this book, one set in the U.S and one in the U.K, the author is from the U.K, so I recommend you read that one, as it’s the original version and why there’s another one, it’s beyond me.


Author: Sela O.

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