3 Easy Mystery Books to Read First

“They were each other’s crutch to lean on when life got too much to carry alone.”
A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Hello, dearies! 📖

I was going to do 5 mystery books to read but then I realized I couldn’t think past 3 books that I would recommend in this genre. Sorry, not sorry.

This is not a genre that I particularly go crazy about in books, in movies and TV shows, I do like those a lot.

So, the list is not long but these books are worth mentioning. Let’s begin. 🎃

Mystery/Thriller and some drama too.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

book cover original

Maybe it’s because A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is so YA-y or because how fast paced it was at times, but it is actually one that I would recommend if you’re looking to start in Mystery thriller, drama books. I enjoyed it even if I didn’t like some parts on it.


original cover verity

I wanted to like this one much more that I did. Even when I was into it, sometimes more than others… Truth is, it was not what I would like to read when going into a drama romance, I mean not how some parts of the story went, I don’t want to smash it completely because I did finish it but I wouldn’t read it again. Despite all of that, it is for some people and many would enjoy the not so dark read before moving to something deeper.

Daisy Darker

daisy darker book

I reminded of different books and stories to be honest, but it doesn’t mean that I like it. I thought it was interesting how I just wanted to keep listening to the audiobook even if to just know what would happen and what the heck was actually going on with Daisy Darker. I don’t see it as a “fairy tale” though. It is a dysfunctional family story with a element of fantasy through in there but that’s about it.

In any case, these are the 3 Mystery, thriller books that are not so heavy and can be enjoyable enough to make you say, maybe I’ll keep going.

Thanks for sticking to the end on this shorter one and hope to see you again on the blog. 🌸🙂

Happy Reading! 📌


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