5 Romance Books to Start the Burn

“Throughout our lives, no one could figure out how we were so close, but when friendships begin with cupcakes—chocolate, at that—no truer bond develops.”

Hello, dearies! 💞

I hope you have a fan on you… poor joke, I know.

I decided to continue the ball rolling with the listings and recommend some awesome romance books that deserve more recognition. If you are feeling a bit on the fence about reading romance, then you might start your journey with these authors, it’s where I started and they didn’t disappoint.

Ages ago when I first read these 5 romance books I’m about to mention, I wasn’t looking for any particular author or book, but then I came upon these and was left open-mouthed, interested, and fanning because even if some have a slow burn or the scenes are adult only, I have read (since then) books that are a lot spicer and the type you really need to hide from underage readers.

That said, I hope you discover a new book today. Let’s begin. 🥰

Delicate Freakn’ Flower

Perhaps one of the first books I read in the romance department, and then Eve Langlais became a go-back-to author, I read this whole series and waited for the last book in it (Freakn Out) with excitement, even if it was not my favourite in the series. I still had some laughs.

romance novels to read

But Delicate Freakn’ Flower is a favourite re-read, I have read it a couple of times and before you ask, the burn is low and the scenes are not the whole book, which actually makes you yearn for more. That’s what Jealous n’ Freakn (Book 2) is for, I love that second book in the Freakn Shifters series. Anywho, if you like shapeshifters, fantasy, romance, and laughing, plus some scenes for adults only, you’re in for a ride with this one.

The Promise of Rain

By Shana Abe. If you’ve been a follower of the blog for some time then you might know that I have read about 70% or more of the books by this author, yes, I liked her that much. I’m a fan.

shana abe promise of rain book

So The Promise of Rain is low-key compared with her other books, I enjoyed it enough although the heat was moderate, lol. I think I’m taking the fun out of reading this one, but hey, this is about the romance books to get you started. Then you can graduate into your favourite spicer genre. For this one, if you’re into time-y, romance, with some mystery in it then this one is definitely for you.

A Carnal Agreement

Oh boy, A Carnal Agreement, I don’t even think this one should be on this low-burn list because there are some scenes that are worth it a bit more than that. But I think this one perhaps the first romance book that I read cover-to-cover couldn’t put it down style. It captured my attention that much, and it’s not even my favourite of this series so that owes to tell you how good it is. Sylvia Violet did a good job on this one.

There’s no fantasy or anything like it, but it’s a regency and it all falls into place with it, I really liked it.


This one came out years after I was already reading romance novels, but Obsession by Jennifer Armentrout is a must, and more if you’re a fan of the Luxen books, then you will love this one.

original cover obsession arum novel

It has Hunter, and that’s more than enough to make you open the book. Add to that the story and the hotness? And you’re all set.

The Smoke Thief (Drakon Series)

smoke thief fantasy

Another one by Shana Abe, and the first book I read by this author. I found it so randomly that it’s hard to believe it, I don’t even remember what I was looking for but then I came upon this magical, romance, shapeshifter, fantasy-filled book with so much potential and everything in between and I fell hard, I always say this I know, I mention it every time I talk about this book. I cannot help myself.

So, yeah, read The Smoke Thief, book 1 in the Drakon Series, is worth it.

And that’s it for the romance everyone, I hope you enjoyed the list and don’t forget to check out the previous ones and watch out for the ones that are coming in the future.

I really do hope you will come back. Follow. Subscribe. Share and like. 🙂🌸 No, seriously please do, it means a lot to me.

That’s it for now.

Happy Reading! 💮


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