A Day with a Soul from the Past

Who would you bring from the past and what would you show them?

Hello, dearies!

I was recently asked who would I bring back for a day, if I had 24 hours, who would I bring back, and what would I do with them or what would I show them.

Now, I thought this would take me forever to think through, but surprisingly, it came to me very fast, Jane Austen, I mean, getting to know her and showing her how writing has evolved since her time? I think that’d be cool. 👀

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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

“The people you love weren’t algebra: to be calculated, subtracted, or held at arm’s length across a decimal point.”

Book: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Version: UK

Series: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder #1

Author: Holly Jackson

Genre: Mystery, Young Adult, Thriller


Hello, dearies!

Here’s another that I didn’t think I would create or read, but life has its turns and here we are.

I enjoyed Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, even when the YA part got a little exaggerated and I was fighting with the main character out aloud alone in my room.

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