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book challenge readers 2011 - 2021

Hey there, dearies!

Last time I did this was for 2009, and that brought memories, this time will be different since I don’t recall what I was reading in 2011 but I can take a guess. Why don’t I recall? Because I was probably still reading other books from previous years or doing some re-reading, or probably reading something from the 1800’s.

But there were some books that came out in 2011 and we might feel a little old while remembering what they were because it’s been 10 years since that time. Yes, this is 2021 so 10 years! I know!

Let’s get this party started, I’ll also tell you, which ones I did read.


Divergent, it’s been ten freaking years since Veronica Roth made us jump off a ledge into the unknown where we met Four. Is that spoiler? I suppose it is if you have never read or watched the movies, oops, sorry.

I read this one and the whole trilogy, the review for Divergent is here in the blog.


A Dance with Dragons, apparently came out in 2011, but I read it years later. And since 2011, everyone has been waiting for the next book, Martin better do this faster. I do not accept the end from the TV show, sorry but no, that story was off long before the last season, even if the writers (if) had any insight into what would come next in the story, I prefer to wait until, some day in the future, the next book is published and then know what really happens.


The Night Circus, I’ve never read this one but it was published 10 years ago and it sure looks interesting, just the kind of book that I could add to my TBR and I probably did at some point.


City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4), well, did I read it? Yes, but that was years later, still, one of my favourites in the saga. *sigh* I love Shadowhunters. I cannot help myself.

official izzy lightwood shadowhunters

I have a review for the first 5 books here.


Beautiful Disaster, I realised, recently, that I don’t have a review for this one, the shock! But I did mention Travis on my Male Characters list, made what you will of that.


Midnight (Vampire Diaries: The Return, 3).


It seems this one came out in 2011, so you might know that I read it, and love it if you have read my previous posts.

I think, I kind of remember waiting for this one but I cannot be sure or it was recently released and I had a hard time finding it in my country, but I did read it and the rest of the saga too, one of the best vampire books out there, how real vampires should act. I’m always saying that, I am aware.


The Death Cure, never read it but I did read The Maze Runner, which I liked enough, I just didn’t carry on with the story, and I cannot say why. No, really, I don’t know why, I suppose that life got in the way.

And that’s it, for now. Yes, there are many many other books that came out in 2011, but these are the titles that I read or wanted to read, what about you? If you’re here at the end, thank you for sticking out and reading the whole thing, consider sharing with others and spreading the love. ๐Ÿ’š

Hope your weekend is going well, dearies! And remember to check out my Instagram and Pinterest where I am most active. ๐Ÿง™

Happy reading!


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