OneWord Book Challenge

oneword book challenge

Hello, dearies! 

How’s the week so far? Halloween is around the corner, and I decided to come in with a little challenge that I found on Instagram, another, yes. 

This time around is for the OneWord, the challenge is supposed to be a stack of books with One Word titles, but I am doing it here, and what do you know? I have a list of book titles that are one word and from one series, cool? I think so, but I’ll include other titles too, even if I love this particular series. 

Here we go. 📚

OneWord Book Challenge 

oneword lunar chronicles books

Told ya, all from the same author and series, The Lunar Chronicles was my favourite series to fall in love with, at first, I was not feeling it but after half of Cinder and after Scarlet, I was hooked for good. 

Let’s continue. 

Who would have thought, right? There are many great titles with one word in them, I was actually going for a short list, but this turned out better. What is your list of one-word books? 

Out of all of these that I mentioned, I always recommend quite a few and like to re-read too. Do you have a very short list or a very long one?

Hope you found a new book to read in this list or reconnected with an old read that you loved a long time ago, I always reconnect when doing these challenges; I start to think back on the books I loved and end up thinking ‘I want to read that again’, though I do have an extensive list of books-to-read that keep waiting for me to pick them up. That’s just the life of a reader. 

Thank you for sticking to the end, and don’t forget to check out my latest on Instagram. 🥰 📸

Happy reading! 📚


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