Alice Cullen

“No one dressed by me ever looks like an idiot.”

ashley green

First Appearance: Twilight

Last Appearance: Breaking Dawn

Hello, dearies! Happy Halloween 2021! 🎃🧛

I thought to stop by with a quick appreciation for a character that pretty much makes the whole Twilight series better. Alice Cullen, yes! That’s about all I need to say. LOL. Not really, I’m just going to fangirl for a little a bit and then we can move on.

Spoiler Alert, if you are not familiar with Twilight or the other books in the saga. 

Alice, a little pixie sized vampire. One of the things that we might remember best about Alice is how Edward refers about her, “how can a little thing be so annoying?”, which of course, makes us crack up, and we love her sassy, small self. 

And one of the memorable things about her is how she makes us see Edward, “It’s been almost a century that Edward’s been alone. Now he’s found you. You can’t see the changes we see, we who have been with him for so long. Do you think any of us want to look into his eyes for the next hundred years if he loses you?” So, yes, she has insight into the world, and she shared it with Bella. 

Bella and Alice soon become friends, but what we like (just me? I’m going with we) the most about Alice is how cool she can be, it makes you wish you had a sister like her, of course, preferably exactly like her, a vampire who can see the future. 

alice cullen at school

Now, the most interesting part in the books is that at one point we know, that she had visions when she was human, so she was pretty much a psychic all her life, is not like she had some sort of perception and it developed when she was turned, as it happens most of the time with other Vampire, for example, Bella, who had a shield but only was able to further used and developed when she turned. Spoiler? It is if you haven’t read the books, but I did warn about it. 

In any case, Alice Cullen might be the coolest vampire chick, and she can see your future and tell you exactly what it’s going to happen, so you don’t do it, or you do it anyway because, according to Edward, the visions are suggestive. But truth is, it is more like they change with people’s decisions; however, if you know what’s going to happen, you can either change it or not, that’s your call, I guess. Rambling, I know. 

Alice and Jasper

Oh, I almost forgot about this important part, Alice’s mate, Jasper, this might make them the best couple in all the books, no, it’s not Edward and Bella, because those two need some time part once and while. Alice and Jasper are two pieces that found each other, despite the fact that Alice already knew she would meet Jasper, but who cares? She decided to go for it and be with him, and he’s such a protector and just lovely in all concerning Alice, and he does have the hardest life because he went no-human for me, more recently than the others, but that only makes you want to cuddle him more because it must be hard to be a vampire in Twilight, you eat humans and cannot leave them alive because you’re poisonous, if they were regular vampires and could leave their victims for next time or just to walk out, things would be easier, only a comment. 

In the spirit of keeping this short, I will leave it at that. Do you like Alice? She’s a very-well structured character, so I think we can fairly state that she can be a friend. 

That’s it for today, dearies! Hope your Halloween is full of candy and joy. 

Happy Reading and Happy Halloween! 


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