The Maze Runner


Author: James Dashner

Genres: Dystopian, Post-apocalyptic, Science-Fiction

I read The Maze Runner a long time ago, so my memories might be a little too old. I read this one before the movie came out, just to make sure I had all the facts and that in it (the movie) everything was in order. It was accurate enough but many details were missing.

The Maze Runner book though, I remember I read like thirty percent of it and then stopped even though it is a dystopian book I did not feel like carrying on, but then picked it up after reading other books and saying: I have to finish it, I already started. And by the end of it, James convinced me.

There were some good characters in there, and the way the book is constructed, with you knowing absolutely nothing like Thomas, it was well thought. Keep in mind this is about book 1 only, I have no idea what happens in the others, though I have been spoiled in some regards by everyone online and their fascination with memes, movies, and books that before you know it, you know more about a book than you intended to find out.

The Characters

Some of the characters in book 1.

  • Thomas
  • Newt
  • MinHo
  • Teresa
  • Alby


Yes, there are others in the book, I am aware of that but these are the names that stick to you in the first part.

What I remember in general of The Maze Runner is that I wanted to read the second and I wanted to watch the movie, but then I do not know how it happened exactly but I did not read the second, I have it (the EBook) but since there are so many books in my reading list, I guess it just was pushed and pushed real down in the list. Sorry for James Dashner but that is life.

Sorry if this one is short but this it, I hope that if you have read the book you will let me know. I’ll leave you a link for it: The Maze Runner, in case you have not read it and want to start.

That is truly it, happy reading lads and lasses.


Author: Sela O.

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