Harry Potter and The Cursed Child


Author: Jack Thorne

Story by: J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne

This is not going to be easy. Stories from the past might blend in. Tales of old might be thrown in here. If you read it, you surely loved it, if you saw the play, you surely loved every part of it.

I cannot believe I did not write about this one before, my lack of Harry Potter reviews in the blog is by no means something you should worry about, nor something that should make you think that I do not love the books and movies because I do but the Wizarding World is simply to wide and amazing, and across all my networks, Pinterest specially, you can tell just how much it is that I love it after all this time. Let us begin.

The Play

Never in my dreams would I have believed that reading the script of a Play would be this exciting, perhaps it was because there was more magic in the world or it might have been the fact that we saw what happened 19 Years later and beyond, after Albus Severus joined Hogwarts, the combination of it all was definitely one of the things that made it incredible.

In it, we learned and confirmed what we already knew, and that is that Slytherin House is not the worst place to be, I, for example an a Slytherin through and through, once upon a time, at the beginning, I might have wanted to be a Gryffindor and in some tests was but when Pottermore puts you in Slytherin than you know you truly are meant to be there, and proud of it.

Back to the book, I mean play, I mean script, I read those first scenes and could not content my happiness at being back at the Hogwarts Express and later at Hogwarts. This Play is really great and I wish I would have seen it when it came out, yes, over there in England.


The Story

A bit about the story, as I was saying, Albus took us to Hogwarts once more, we met Scorpius and discovered how he has been branded all these years, carrying the wait of people basically telling him that he is not his father’s child.

Afterwards we went through time into the past and the present, and kind of the “future”, the future of Albus, not only were we 19 Years Later but we went beyond that; became acquainted with Harry as a father, how Rose Granger-Weasley it is basically a snob, discovered she and Albus were not the long lost friends everyone would have expected. There is a scene in the Hogwarts Express with the Trolley Lady that it is incredible.

I am writing this and trying to remember all the scenes that I loved.

We see a world where Albus’ cousins would not exist. A world where Severus Snape is alive and continues to be a hero no matter what. We see how Scorpius can actually be a good character, not just because he is Albus’ friend but also because he is kind of funny. A world where Potter does not exist. So many little details and amazing moments, but I cannot tell you if you do not know anything about it. So I will name some of the main characters.

The Characters

  • Albus Severus Potter Weasley
  • Scorpius Malfoy
  • Delphi
  • The Trio: Harry, Hermione and Ron
  • Rose Granger-Weasley
  • Draco Malfoy

We know them all, except for the new ones of course, which we get to know in depth in the book/script, Albus specially, someone whose last name has brought even more troubles than the Malfoy surname brought to Scorpius.

It is not easy to be the son of a celebrity, everyone, Harry included, had certain expectations from his son, a problem he did not seem to have with James Sirius or Lily Luna. (Did it ever occur to Harry that Ginny might want to name her children? Give them different names.) Just a thought.


And so we reach the end, I wanted to say so much more but I would have to go act by act and breakdown the whole thing here, which might defeat the purpose of sending you all to read the Play, which I actually liked a lot, more than I thought I would to be honest.  I do hope that if you read it you will let me know, and tell others about it, that is it thanks for stopping by and reading to the end.

Happy Reading, lads and lasses.

BTW: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, were great, in case you haven’t watched them, even when at the end of TCoG they just went nuts with that plot. I still want to know what comes afterwards.


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