The Burning Shadow

origin book 2 burning shadow

Series: Origin

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Genre: Holy Alien Babies. Fiction. Drama. Supernatural.

Alright so, I tried to stop and give you a briefing as I was reading this one like I did with The Darkest Star, but I started in Ch 19. You’ll just have to believe that before that moment, everything was good and I couldn’t stop reading; afterward, I forced myself to stop and put down the book (The Burning Shadow obviously) to write random (not so random) notes.

With all of that say, I will now give you my notes of key moments as I read. Be advised that there might be some spoilers from here onwards, and if you have not read the book yet, then stop now, seriously, don’t continue. Legit Spoilers ahead.

Alright, I tried to warn you.

By Chapters and Pages

Ch 19

OMFG (You’ll know it when you read it).

Pg 219

Christ. Fanning myself.

Pg 222

Killing me

Pg 297


Pg 298

Holy alien babies! Holy mother of god! Heidi and Emery. And then. Oh no, don’t worry they’re fine. I nearly suffered a heart attack.


Am I a bad person because I felt nothing when Sylvia was shot? We really didn’t have time to meet her in-depth but knowing she was such a liar and Jason Dasher ex’s then I really did not care.

Pg 329

Come on!!

Pg 331

I don’t even know what to say. It’s cute. It’s hot. I mean, he’s Luc but Lucas is just fine with me too.

Pg 332

Reading the Last name before actually reading the two lines before he said it, meaning I spoiled myself but still laughed.

Ch 32

Alright, I don’t get those questions either, like why would you think for a second any of it? Obviously, the police and government are working together and will implicate you publicly to get you. My god, Evie. Sometimes she gets to my nerves, like for real!

Somewhere between Evie turning terminator again and getting to Houston.
Kent was just gone like, oh yeah, you thought he was safe. Pum. Dead.

I really was not worried about Luc doing anything to Daemon, as in, I read that part as if it were normal. But when Evie attacked Daemon? I literally screamed, I was scared then.

Arriving at zone 3, the reunions, Luxen series brought back to us. I almost cried

Luc telling Evie that they should dance was so random, I burst out laughing.

Pg 414

At the end of this page.

Pg 417

If this were Daemon, he would have already found a couple of magical condoms even if they’re in a post-apocalyptic city.

Pg 418

So no condoms, it was going to happen and Evie definitely had been all out before.

Now for the grand finale, if you want to read it, don’t read the next line because I say the end, legit I went for the biggest form of spoiler out there, telling you the end of the book.

burning shadow book

The end

Like wow. I already knew it was Dasher, the moment they had started saying he, you were coded, his commands, his voice. Yeah yeah, is Jason Dasher, we know.

And there was no shock when they revealed that they blended Luxen and Arum DNA into a human, it was obvious from a mile back, I had thought about that combination back when reading all the Luxen books. And I thought about Arum within a human too. All the possibilities.

Now, saying that they engineered Luc’s and Evie’s relationship like they did with the rest of them, that was truly different and I was in shock then, probably not what everyone would call surprising but it was for me. For a moment I thought they had made Nadia sick on purpose if they can manipulate DNA and release a virus that gives people a freaky flu that mutates them, then they could sure as hell give her a life-threatening disease. I would have gone that way, but maybe that would have been too obvious?

This was so great. I cannot even phantom how Jennifer keeps on surprising us like this. And at the end of every other chapter when I would try to call it a night, I would get stuck because something major happened, catapulting me to the next one. I couldn’t stop. So I was done in a week basically, because of my mundane job, otherwise, I’d had been done in a weekend.

The big questions now, where’s our next story? Are we going to have another Luc’s POV? Can we get a Luc? (Oops! That want slipped). Did you guys read it already?

That’s it, readers. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and that you now know the Darkest Star and the Burning Shadow, and what it means because that one was a good change and eye-opener. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to tell your friends.

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