About La Emperatriz de los Etereos

‘Does the Ethereal Realm really exist? Is there something beyond the comfortable safety of the Caves?’

emperatriz etereos

Author: Laura Gallego

Original Title: La Emperatriz de los Etéreos

Book Translations

Hello, dearies!

I was going through my list of books I have read and found I haven’t told you about this one here in the blog. The Empress of the Ethereal is a Spanish book by my fav Spanish author, in fact, I think is the only Spanish author that I like, I love her books, specially The Idhún Chronicles, as you might know since I have multiple entries about it.

This particular book is a stand-alone, and I rather enjoyed it when I first read it years ago. Is the journey of a girl named Bipa, to find the Empress and her friend, and well is full of magic and adventures, by the end of it you are so engrossed in it, that is rather sad to read those final lines, as all books that you enjoy should be.

The description of the book goes something like this:

Bipa does not believe in fairy tales. She is not interested in what may lie beyond the Caves where her people live. But when her friend Aer, fascinated by the legend of the mythical Empress, sets off on a journey to certain death, Bipa goes looking for him, risking her own life in a world of ice bathed in the light of the blue star, chasing something that it may be nothing more than a chimera. Does the Ethereal Realm really exist? Is there something beyond the comfortable safety of the Caves? Or, on the contrary, is there nothing but cold, death and darkness?
bipa emperatriz etereos

I’m sorry though, that it’s not in English though, you can find it in French, Spanish (of course), German, Portuguese and Catalan, just like Idhún, and I find it weird that Laura’s books are not translated to more languages, they are pretty captivating. I mean, with that description, wouldn’t you want to read it? Maybe it’s just me and my fascination for fantasy, who knows.

You can read the first chapter (In Spanish) on her website here: Primer Capítulo – Emperatriz de los Etéreos.

And I hope you can one day read a book by this author or if you already have, then awesome! 😄 📖

emperatriz de los etereos

I’ll be publishing little reviews on books that I read long ago like this, for the moment, since I want to share them all and I know there are many I haven’t told you about, so expect some other quick reviews like this one. I am also working on new ‘reviews’ for some books characters, some you may have read already here on the blog, that’s what’s happening in the upcoming weeks, don’t forget to keep in touch, and I’m sorry I haven’t been as active on social media, but work has been overwhelming too.

Oh, also, I added a new link to one of my Spotify playlists in case you want to check it out, I’ll be changing it regularly or you can find me as Sela there. That’s it for now, dearies. Thank you for sticking to the end and I hope you come back.

Happy Reading! ❄️


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