Jack, he is the first character you meet in the story and well, you want to smack him over the head, for real, he got on my nerves for many chapters, in fact, I think I didn’t like him that much until book 2 (Triad), and by Pantheon (the third book) as I mentioned, then I said, alright Jack, you’re good.

jack book character

Hello, dearies! This is Sela here, and I’m giving in, I’m dedicating one to Jack from The Idhun Chronicles because when I re-read Pantheon (the third book), I realized that he had his moments. 

And I have been asked about Victoria and Kirtash, and Jack, though I am not going to answer that spoiler-full question, but I am going to talk about Jack and some important facts from the books, so you might as well stop right now if you don’t want to know like this is my warning that there are spoilers ahead. 👀

SpoilerAlert kittens

Oh, you’re on this side? You’re brave then, let us begin this rambling. 😎

Where? The Idhún’s Memories.

Names: Jack, Yandrak, Jakob.

What is he? He’s a shapeshifter.

Is he human? Yes, but he’s also a shapeshifter.

Will we love him? You will.

How does he look? He’s a blond, green-eyed cutie.

About Jack

Jack, he is the first character you meet in the story and well, you want to smack him over the head, for real, he got on my nerves for many chapters, in fact, I think I didn’t like him that much until book 2 (Triad), and by Pantheon (the third book) as I mentioned at first, then it was that I said, alright Jack, you’re good; though this is my most recent opinion since I re-read of the books last year. If you would have asked me two years ago, I would have told you that Jack was annoying.

In any case, Jack, he is love with Victoria, of course, but his sense of loyalty and friendship towards Alsan makes him go after his friend and help him, which is why he leaves Victoria and spends a few years on his own, working and training and getting hot, basically; by the time we see him next on the books, he is this rough teenager with a handsome adult look to him, his blond hair and green eyes make it all even better actually.

Let’s jump to the future because when he is on Earth, we just get frustrated by his choices. 

On Idhún

When we are in Idhun (I did warn you about spoilers), when we are in the world of the three suns, we discover that Jack is in fact pretty cool and sometimes wise; he makes you laugh, he is very caring and very loving, I mean, you can understand why Victoria is with him at some point before and after, it’s not just a cosmical/destiny thing, he’s nice enough that you would take notice, as some other characters do, and they do, and this in a physical kind of way. 

I want to tell you more, but Jack’s story is one of the focal points of the books, more than Kirtash and Victoria, now that I think about it. So we go on a journey with Jack around Idhun, knowing the land and such, is incredible, then we go to this other world, and further, get to know Jack, he becomes mature and centred, and that helps you love him. I know, I have said in other posts that he was not my favourite, but he has his good moments, I accept it. 

book cover panteon jack

By the end of the story, after, we insult him one last time for hurting Victoria and being basically very dumb, there is a magical instant, where he asks for forgiveness in such a manner, that I said: aw. I mean, this is the kind of character that you go from one end to the other, from not liking to liking them very much, unlike Kirtash, who you like him pretty much from the beginning, even if he is the enemy.

The point of the matter here, is this, you will eventually like Jack, and you will want him to be with Victoria as much as you want Kirtash to be, so be happy about either of these options. Though there is really no choice. I usually say much more about the characters but I don’t want to spoil the story, and if I tell you everything about Jack that will happen for sure, and if you have read my previous posts, you know I loathe spoilers, and I think I managed to keep it low.

jack future comic

I believe that’s it, readers. Sorry for the low quality of the last image.

Thank you for sticking to the end, and I hope that you have watched the Netflix series or that you’ve read the books, and if you haven’t I’m sorry that I cannot offer them in English, but here’s the first one in Spanish: Memorias de Idhún: La Resistencia

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Happy Reading!


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