Shadowhunters TV: What happened to Clary

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This has been in my mind for a couple of episodes, so I have to tell you all about it.

Now, if you have not watched Shadowhunters season 3 or have not read The Mortal Instruments (Shame on You! You should have read it already, at least City of Bones) then please do not read this post because you will be like: what are you talking about? Literally you will be asking that question the whole time. As for those who know about the Shadow World then welcome! Those who know only the TV Show (Shame on You! The books are awesome) then I am about to talk about the story in the books, do not continue if you plan on reading the books. All of you that stay, continue forward without fear and enjoy my ramblings about what happened to Clary.

Clary in Shadowhunters TV

As it turns out Clary took the place of Jace, I suppose because they had no way of fixing their past mistakes, they mixed up a lot of things, by now there should not be a Max, we would know Aline because she kissed Jace, we would know that Jace was possessed because he lost all the protections when he was brought back to life, and that was the reason he was one to be linked with Sebastian (or Jonathan in the show, though he prefers to go by Sebastian in the books), and Clary when after Jace, she lived with them, both Jace and Sebastian.

shadowhunters clary sebastian

But now, things are different. Clary is the one possessed and she got closer and closer to her brother through the rune, until she got hit in the head and chose Sebastian over Jace? In a limbo state in her mind? So if she is the one linked with Sebastian, does that mean that what happened in the book between the two of them, will not happen? You know that scene where Clary fights with Sebastian in the moving magical multidimensional apartment? He almost does you know what with her, if you read the books then you know, it is a big event in the books, it marked me, it was freaking awesome.

It is all coming to an end now, we all know where this is going (again if you know the books), so I am just trying not to think too much about how they will get there, let them surprise me. I just wanted to share my ramblings about how Clary should not be the one to be twinned by a rune with Sebastian, that’s all, because that is just crazy but it had to happen somehow and with someone I suppose.

clary freeform kat

There are only a few episodes left in the Season and then it is all over for good, let us hope that at least they make justice to City of Heavenly Fire, considering they introduced Helen in a rather strange way then I am to assume that Julian and Emma will be around the corner? No? Oh well, at least what happens to Jordan at the hands of Sebastian, or the Seelie Queen and Sebastian? At the very least the Endarkened, though that looks farther away than anything else. There are many details that still can be twisted and put in there in some way.

That’s it. Thank you for sticking to the end and as usual: happy reading!


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