Dating Disasters of Emma Nash

emma nash

Author: Chloe Seager

Genre: YA, Comedy

This one was a gift, it came in one of those wonderful boxes that bring bookish goodies, sorry I cannot remember which box but when it first arrived, I said: who’s this chick? What is this book? And decided to leave it for later.

I think it has been a year since that or nearly, and finally I picked up Emma and begun to read. She’s a bit nutty I will admit. Now, read this whole post with a British accent and you are good to go with the book. This is what happened.

Caution, somethings might be considered spoiler, you have been warned.

Of Emma Nash

You follow the life of Emma, duh, in her quest to become a better version of herself, and what better way to do that than by dating a bunch of random guys, right? No, that is not the way, everyone. Seriously don’t submit yourself to that to discover who you truly are.

End of the review.

Nah, I am joking, though all that I just said is correct, but let us talk a bit about our girl Emma, who is 16 and in love with a boy who treats her like sh**, seriously I thought there was a deep insightful reasoning behind his acts but as it turns out in the end, he is just one big moron, please insert whichever insulting term you know to refer to a guy or girl who has treated you poorly in the past.

Dating disasters of emma nash

Emma tells us all about her life, from her deepest darkest moments, to her feeling-sorry for herself thoughts, which makes you want to reach inside the book and smack her over the head, for real. Well she retails her ramblings, very much like I am doing right now, through a blog, a private blog that is, which I do not see the point of, truly, if you want a diary use Google Docs or Word, why use a Blog? But anyways, the whole thing is post after post, she writes when in the loo, while in class, while eating with her friends, while supposedly hanging out with her friends (bit disrespectful, Emma), and so on and on, she writes even when she is completely smashed, to the point that she cannot even remember where the restroom is or avoid random unknown boys to kiss her, in those moments, she is still posting or tweeting.

If you ignore all of those little details, it is a quick, enjoyable read, I read it in two days I believe, two and half.

The Ending

I could not believe the ending of this book (I actually discovered afterwards that this is one in a series of books about Emma Nash, though this one stands-alone), she literally went through a lot to get to the conclusion that she does not need a guy to define her. I suppose when you are 16 that is a big deal, I cannot say, I already knew that at 15, I am not trying to be almighty, I am just saying that perhaps my mother raised me to be independent and self-sufficient. Anyways, that was Emma’s conclusion, even when one of the boys (from the many dating disasters) actually liked her, even when she treated him very poorly, as in, she almost did to him what Leon did to her, very uncool. Until the end I was hoping for her to turn around and realise the guy she was calling her boyfriend was actually into her and wanted their relationship to work, alas, that did not happen.

book stack eachpage

I am done with this, readers. I hope you enjoyed this bit of rambling on my part and if you ever want to read the Dating Disasters of Emma Nash, I will leave you the link for the book next. If you want more book recommendations head on to Reviews by Authors and seek your favourite author or go over to Top Genres and check out the titles there. Thank you for sticking to the end, I truly appreciate it.

Happy reading!

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