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If you have not read The Mortal Instruments books from City of Glass onward then please restrain yourself from reading this post… it is so full of spoilers that you might have no need of reading the books to know one of the most psychotic characters ever created in the Shadow World. Kudos to Cassie Clare for having such imagination as to come up with Sebastian.

Alright you have been warned, and I am to assume you will know what I’m about to talk about or simply don’t care about the spoiler alert I just gave! Once more, Spoilers ahead. By the Angel! Read knowing that I tried to warn you.

Hello, readers… this is Sela, I was sitting on my laptop working my mundane job and Sebastian or Jonathan Christopher just kept coming back again and again to me, if you read my past post on the Shadowhunters TV episodes then you will know that I started reading the books once more, because I simply had to refresh my memories and know what they were changing completely… but that’s another subject. So, I’m on book 5 City of Lost Souls, and nearly at the end of it, there is this scene with Sebastian and Clary that is by far one of the strongest, psychic shocking and violent ones of the books, and it is completely mental and amazing at the same time!

You know which one, if you have read the book, is the one after Clary finds the ring and Sebastian discovers her while in his room. So, here I was working and Sebastian in general kept coming back to my mind and I thought, why not pour my thoughts on one of the most artfully perfectly literally written characters of Cassie? Because let’s face it, people, Sebastian was completely mental there is no doubt about it, sure the demon blood had a lot to do with that but still, the guy was a psycho and really easy to make you say, I hate him but it is so cool to read about him.

morgenstern ring

What is my point here? You probably thought I was going to say that I liked him or something, well no, sorry to disappoint. I don’t like him at all at least not in the way I like Jace or how I love Magnus and Alec, which are the loves of my life in the Shadow World, (Correction: in The Mortal Instruments), no this is about how I think that the author struck gold with Sebastian, Clary’s older brother in case you still had no idea who I was walking about but you probably did know.

Literal parenthesis

Sebastian Verlac, or Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, eldest son of Valentine Morgenstern and Jocelyn Fairchild, tall guy, platinum blond hair, black eyes, Lilith’s blood run in his veins, complete and total psychopath from book 3 on… incredibly good looking and if you passed him on the streets you would love to meet him, if it were not for the fact that he could kill you in a second because he is a child’s murderer and has less than 1% humanity in him.

End of the description.

After being done with all the books, I here now give you all the little notes I made from the last book, while I was reading it once more and felt like if it was the first, not because I did not remember what happened but because the excitement was still there… right, the notes.


-I applaud Cassie Clare on Sebastian because he is bat-shit crazy (pardon my language), I know he was lonely and all, that the demon blood in him had pushed all the humanity out but he was raging mad, and it was the sort of madness that you applaud since it is beautifully created.

And then, nearing the end of the book, he was Jonathan, a green eyed boy, who we could have liked and even loved, if he hadn’t spent all 4 books since his appearance been a psychopath, intent on burning down the world.- End of notes

For real, I cannot believe how much I had to say about Sebastian Morgenstern considering that the first time I read the books, I thought he was just crazy but this second time around, it was as if I was seeing what Cassie really wanted to convey with this character, the loneliness, the madness, the incest (him being in “love” with Clary), all the details of this boy that makes you want to stay far away from him, but that you know that if you saw someone with his description from afar you would probably want to meet him, but we hated (hate) Sebastian just as the Lightwoods did, and Clary, and Jace, because let us face it and I think I am repeating myself, he was freaking mental and wanted to rule a dead world with Clary by his side.

There it is, I have said my piece and I’m sorry if it was a bit long, but I truly did not realize how much I had to say about Sebastian Morgenstern. I hope you liked this, and if you did not know about him and were looking for information, then I’m sure you found it here, along with lots of spoilers which I warned you about. Thank you for reading and keep in touch if you want more.

“Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo,”

Sebastian’s favorite quote, which we learned by heart throughout the books. “If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.”

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