Shadowhunters TV: Finale

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Here we go, Angels.

Please stop right now if you do not know a thing about the Shadow World, Shadowhunters TV or if you have not read all of the books in this series, that is: The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, The Bane Chronicles, Tales from the Shadowhunters Academy or The Dark Artifices. You have been warned, spoilers ahead.

Hello, again. If you are on this side of the road then I assume you know as much as I do. I have not The Red Scrolls of Magic yet but I know it had little addition in the story that they tried to patch up in Shadowhunters TV. Okay, okay, I will talk about the finale now.

In Edom

Alright, so they had to go to Edom somehow, but Asmodeus was not there, Raphael was no longer a vampire, Sebastian (Jonathan in the show) was not even close to the place, nor had any intentions of going there, they had Lilith still for some reason, and I thought she was going to be Asmodeus and by some strange magic and reason asks for Simon’s memories, alright I let it go. Izzy had the Heavenly Fire in her, though it was Jace before who had a close encounter with it and Brother Zacariah saved him (burning the demon poison in him), but I accepted that.

We left Edom, all happy and chummy with Lorenzo?

Back in NY

Apparently the wedding would happen 5 years in advance, no problem there, though it took Alec and Magnus all that time and two children later to actually being able to get engaged and married, in LA not NY but sure no problem.

While there, they took us to the LA Institute and that was cruel as hell, I had a little fit of excitement because I was certain that at least one Blackthorn would be in sight, Emma’s golden locks would made an appearance, yet, wrong again. Sebastian did not even touch a hair of Max’s head, is not like I thought it was awesome in the books but it was a major part of it, there should not be a Max at this point. No problem, let us move on.

The Angel sent Clary’s mom back to tell her she could not use her runes, seriously? And when she did use them to kill Sebastian in the quickest way ever, like really, they spent ages after the guy and she goes and kills him just like that, quick and almost painless? Sure no problem, but after it, Clary got her runes taken away? So not only was she Jace during the whole Sebastian coming back to life ritual and bonding thing, but she also took Simon’s place in losing all memory of the Shadow World, what’s the point?

Oh! And she wanted to be Izzy’s Parabatai? And vice-versa? Izzy never wanted a Parabatai, she fought best alone but that was one thing that made me say: what? A couple times then I got over it.

1 Year Later

Really? They think they can just fast-forward like that and be done with it? And they did because Alec went quickly into being the Inquisitor, he skipped 5 years of his life and leadership build up and went straight to winning that post, very nice. And then Jace went to see Clary and happened to see him and remember him, easily and without much complication? He didn’t even take Magnus to help him out, like Izzy did when Simon was the one who had forgotten them. And then it was over and I was just staring at the screen thinking of all the things that were missing and how it was an open-ending. Perhaps they have the slight hope that TID or TDA would truly become a reality.

sebastian morgenstern

What was missing

  • Luke and Jocelyn’s wedding
  • The cave in Edom, Clary and Jace’s there
  • Raphael dying saving Magnus
  • Sebastian alliance with the Fair Folk
  • The Endarkened
  • Jules protecting his siblings in Alicante
  • Alicante filled with iron and more to guard against Fairies
  • The battle of Alicante
  • Killing Sebastian with the blade charged with Heavenly Fire, burning the demon side of him until only the Shadowhunter who was too weak to survive was left
  • The Blackthorn Introduction
  • No Tessa
  • No Jem and Tessa
  • No Dark War!

Well I will leave it at that, I could go on but some of the other things I have in mind they had already skipped over a long time ago. This is it, truly, no more Shadow World on Freeform, no more Shadowhunters TV, I will continue to talk about the Shadow World anywhere and in any form I can because there is still so much more to say but here is where we say goodbye to the TV Show. Thank you for stopping by and sticking to the end, I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy your day and consider reading the Shadow World books in case you have not, they are amazing and Cassie Clare can truly bring you to tears of laughter and sadness.


Thank you again and happy reading, everyone.

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