Closing the Season: Our ‘Morning Star’ in the Shadow World

Well, the first season of Shadowhunters is done but that does not mean we are less excited about the next one then we were when they announced they would actually make one a month or so ago.

So many things to say, so little time… wait? Hold on a moment! I can say whatever I want there is no limit to my rambling here, and if you have read my other posts you might know this, so get ready! If you have no read the books, I suggest you don’t read this post, because there might be some reference (probably a lot of them) to them. About last episode of Shadowhunters TV I can tell you right now, that I liked it enough, even though there were way too many things that they should not have showed and others that they quite not explained.

Alright my lovelies, my fellow shadowhunters (lads and lasses alike) let’s get started…

Us… Fans

 All of us that have read the books know that Morgenstern (Clary’s last name, Valentine’s family name) means Morning Star, right? You know it, I know it but there are some people who have not read the books and do not know this, so why would they name the season finale ‘Morning Star’ if they do not plan to explain this? Or did I miss out when they made any kind of reference to it? Hey, I know I’m being picky and all but come on, is the details that turn something good into something totally freakn’ cool (and yes, that Freakn’ is in reference to Eve Langlais book series, if you ever have read them then we could be friends).  Now, let us talk about the episode a little bit.

Shadowhunters - Morning Star3

Really, now, if you have not read books or watched the episode, you should stop reading, Spoilers ahead!

Books’ little facts

Yes, just a little because in true I don’t have much to say, because let us be honest I waited and waited for the whole ship scene? Or rather SceneS! You know from the book when Clary pretty much shows off her Rune Power with a very powerful Open Rune, anyone? Because once I saw Hodge giving Valentine the cup and the ship right there I almost screamed in excitement and then? Nothing!

Oh, and they went to Camille’s ‘Library’ to get the Book of the White? Really? So, what, they don’t plan on giving us one of the best scenes from the books? Yes, that one, when they go under the Wayland Manor and free the Angel Ithuriel and the house is destroyed and everything, well, I guess they will put all of that in the show because it is kind of important, despise the fact that Jocelyn is already awake and she is the one to tell Clary about Jace, you know about him being just Jace and not Jonathan Christopher, this is probably a good time to tell you that I’m doing a special post dedicated to JCM, so wait for it.

 Back to the point… what was my point? Well, that they basically mixed all books, specially the first three and came up with this part of the show.

I mean, they do have things left, and characters like Maia and Jordan, Maureen once more (if they decide to go there), the Seelie Queen, it would be cool if they make the scene in the court when she ‘forces’ Clary and Jace to kiss. I have so many things in my mind right now, so many little details, most of which I’m hoping they will put in the second season, because come freaking on! They left out a LOT of things so it would be cool to see more of the Shadow World.

Back to Morning Star

The ‘Morning Star’ in our minds that represents Clary, Sebastian, Valentine, the ring that Jace gives to Clary, the swords with the stars Phaesphoros and Heosphoros (Clary’s sword), by the Angel! I sound like an encyclopedia! But well, the season finale ended with Jace going with Valentine and they are supposedly son and father and both Morgenstern, right? So we (fans) know that the episode had to do with all of that but the rest of the world has no clue, unless you explain, Freeform, just saying!

I think I am done… or I am forcing myself to be because I have wrote way too much about a ton of facts in the books and got distracted from the Morning Star thing, so sorry about that, but that is how my mind works!

Hope you stayed to the end, and if you are reading this then thank you!

morgenstern ring

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