Shadowhunters so far and Malec

Here we are guys!

Let’s do this while it is still fresh… my sole reaction to THAT moment in the latest episode of Shadowhunters was… Oh. My. God!

 As for the rest I was still in shock but the excitement was still there.

Now, let us retreat a little in time to the other episodes, I know I haven’t posted much about the rest, but I was really busy… Simon, is already a vampire, that is kind of fast… Alec proposing to someone who does not exist was a bit crazy, the world inverted was kind of cool but still out of this world (no joke intended)… and I think it will give the producers of the show something to go on for when they get to more exciting things, like what happens in book 5 and when they introduce us Sebastian. Spoiler much? Not really, if you are a fan of the saga then you know what I am talking about.

What else? Oh, yeah! Alec jeopardizing his parabatai bond with Jace, what’s up with that? Not cool, and Alec going against Jace? For real? He would never be like that, but I have accepted it and moved on.

The whole thing with Valentine posing with a glamour as Michael Wayland kind of unnecessary, but hey! At least they did say he raised Jace, and told Clary that they’re brother and sister. Now… the last episode (Morning Star) will be weird, exciting and a lot of other things since they are apparently putting book 1, 2, and 3 all together or at least the big events, well that is what I saw in the preview.

magnus alec freeform

Spoiler for Shadowhunters 1×12 ‘Malec’ 


And now the real deal, let me tell you just one thing, I was practically screeching like the girl and fan I am when Magnus arrived at the wedding, and the whole time as Alec looked at him and went to Magnus, all the tiny hairs in my arms tingled, it was so intense! I love them, and I’m saying thanks to Matt and Harry for doing such an excellent job and making me believe of that connection right there, it was great! After waiting for 3 months for the episode I can watch the last episode normally, because everything is right in the world.

The inconsistencies between the books and show are getting a bit out of hand (thinking right now about Camille and the Book of the White), but the problem with all of these (not really a problem) is that those of us who had read the books still continue to watch the show, because somehow is the Shadow World brought to us, and even if the events are different, the actors are incredibly good looking… erhm, convincing and good actors. So, yes, don’t think I am thrilled with the creators’ decisions but I do like the show in general and love to watch it.

Thanks for sticking to the end of this, and hope you stay in touch.


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