The Bane Chronicles: The Midnight Heir

The One that we didn’t see coming and after we read it, we fell in love with yet another Herondale boy.

the midnight heir cassie clare

The Bane Chronicles Book 4

Authors: Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan

Genre: Fantasy, YA, Short Story, Magic, Urban.

Hello, dearies! Now, this one, wow. It’s one of my favourites in this collection. 🙂

It was supposed to be an easy one because I loved it, but thinking about the story, I remembered what it means for the rest of the shadowhunter world, and how anything I say may affect the story on the books that came after.

Mild spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned. 🖍️

The Midnight Heir

Once more, we follow Magnus Bane (obviously) as it encounters another vital detail of the shadowhunters story, this time in 1903 where he meets a very special Herondale boy, which we will later meet once more in The Last Hours, and be utterly in love with all the others boys and girls in that series.

the midnight heir book

The story here on The Midnight Heir, it can be seen as a prologue to Chain of Gold, but in a way that it can be read before it and not entirely be spoiler, or you can read CoG and then TMH and complete the story like that, know what she did to him from the perspective of what Magnus heard, saw, and experienced while being with another Herondale because they seem to have a touch of the dramatic, as he puts it himself.

“Oh, I’ll trust you,” the boy told him carelessly. “It hardly matters. We are all betrayed sooner or later—all betrayed, or traitors.”

“I see that a flair for the dramatic runs in the blood,” Magnus said under his breath. It was a different kind of dramatics, though. Will had made an exhibition of vice in private, to drive away those nearest and dearest to him. J was making a public spectacle.

After knowing what happens in Chain of Gold, I cannot continue to comment mildly on this one, so forgive me if I cut this one short. And leave with another piece from The Midnight Heir.

“The green one?” Magnus inquired. Coaxing drunken Shadowhunters into making fools of themselves was a favorite occupation among the Downworlders, and this performance had been a tremendous success. Ragnor Fell, the High Warlock of London, shrugged, and Magnus sighed inwardly. Perhaps gaol would be a bit extreme, though Magnus still felt his emerald friend could use taking down a peg or two. 

If you are just getting started with the shadowhunters books, then I suggest you first read The Bane Chronicles before going over the ones from the past, like The Last Hours and The Infernal Devices. But that’s my opinion, is how I did it, and how I stayed in the moment, being interested in all the stories because Magnus makes you want to know more about the other characters.

the midnight heir the bane chronicles

That’s it for now.

I appreciate your constant visits and shares and likes too. I’m thankful that the blog keeps growing and that you, dear readers, are always here for me and finish the posts before moving to a new one.

Happy Reading! 🎻

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